A vegan nightmare about fish sticks = how to lose weight with lifestreaming

photos by JenDarling1010, *terry, rallycat!, hitthatswitch

Last night I dreamt that I ate some fishsticks with my sister, then realized too late that wait! I'm eating fish! I don't do that anymore! And in my dream, I realized that I had let it happen because I didn't take a photo of my meal.

It's so easy to not consciously think much about our banal daily decisions, like what we eat. Lifestreaming (in my case, posting photos of almost every meal) calls attention to daily details and makes you seriously think about all those small actions that add up to form your lifestyle.

The dream resulted in more resolve to thoroughly document my food intake, especially snacks. I've been totally slipping on photographing them, which means too much snacking!

And by the way, I think I dreamt about eating fish sticks because I took a fish oil pill before going to bed. Gross! (I guess those pills aren't vegan, but we are on a quest to find the right ((INEXPENSIVE)) supplements for vegans, don't judge :P)


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