Lifestream propaganda #15: an amulet for warding off attachment

[recorded 5.27.10 | duration: 00:06:01 | music: Goa Temples&Indian Flaute&Tibetan Mantras by Quetzalbwattio | Subscribe in iTunes]

This morning I read a post by my friend Apollo, Moving Light. As he prepares to move across Canada, he is paring down his possessions to a minimum. He mentioned the Zen Habits article, Letting Go of Attachment, from A to Zen. I have fallen in love with the idea of letting go of attachment in my life, most specifically in my relationships and experiences. I often miss people desperately, and long to replicate 'perfect' experiences. But what may lead to more happiness would be to enjoy each new moment as if it were the perfect experience, and make it so. Every interaction with a new moment and new person is an opportunity for a new relationship and perfect experience. In this video I make a bracelet with an energy-infused amulet to ward off feelings of attachment in my daily life.

4 thoughts on “Lifestream propaganda #15: an amulet for warding off attachment

  1. I’ll be wishing you well in your work with attachment. It gets dicey when we notice just how subtle and pervasive it can get.

    I’m not wanting to nitpick, but do want to clarify something. I actually have never had a car. The only car involved in my move should be a $10 cab to the train station if I don’t walk.

  2. Thanks for the note Apollo! I corrected the part about the car-don’t know why I assumed you had one! As far as attachment goes, so far so good :)

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