Lifestream propaganda #16: lifestream as vision board

[recorded 5.31.10 | duration: 00:03:22 | Subscribe in iTunes]
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Trying something new! The plan: record videos about things/concepts/experiences I want in my life and act as if I already have them. Then! In the private video diaries you see the whole story: what really worked, what didn't... Here's to using a lifestream as a vision board for creating your own reality!

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6 thoughts on “Lifestream propaganda #16: lifestream as vision board


    PLEASE do this. this is actually my plan as well, as soon as i get back from my vacation. i think it’s a brilliant idea, and have actually been brainstorming this myself. (: i have been reading more and focusing more on positive energies, tarot, zen, etc., etc and want to incorporate more of this into my lifestream as well. it is utterly crazy sometimes to see how much of the same wavelength we are on! this is especially great because if we do this, we can feed off of each other, and help each other along as well. good job, jess. (: xo


  2. Yay I’m glad you’re feeling it Katelyn! So happy you came across this and commented. I would be thrilled to see you do a visionboarding vid… I’m planning my next one now :] We did a couple with the podcast ( which I think are a little weird, but it will probably just take some practice & getting used to. Also, they really work! We got our food dehydrator ordered & the apartment of our dreams :D

  3. how great!!! yes, i think it may take a bit of getting used to, as it might seem a bit…”awkward” i guess is the right word for it? but if you get into making a habit of it, and with enough practice, it will come naturally and do nothing but positive things. (: i’m very happy for you! (:

  4. right on! just need to practice. super excited to see what you have up your sleeve when you get back!

  5. i17
    Hay I got a Bingo!!!!!!!
    I win win :D
    LOL j/k

    Well I think it’s cool.
    kind of new to me to see this kind of setup
    but hay what ever helps pay the bills. ;)

    I have 2 things to point out

    1 don’t forget the plugins & WP tips i gave you & there may be more tips I may need to tell you
    2 If your going to stay with this kind of setup
    then you will need to SEO your site more so
    for the fact that you will be holding some of your content back from the web & when you do that it does hurt your site a bit.

    like say you did a video about ghosts or something
    & you have never done a video about that before
    & this video about ghosts is one of your private videos.
    then all the hardcore ghost ppl on the net will never know about your video
    & your website will get less hits, hits your site could be getting.

    also when you do put a video or post for all to see SEO the post a bit more.
    think about keywords for the title.
    use googles auto fill to help you find keywords for what ever your post will be about etc..

  6. hi e-tard!
    you’re right about the SEO. my friend todd has been helping me out with thinking about that as well – i’m looking for a good way to auto-capture stills from the videos (and display them automatically under the videos) and i need transcription software (plugin?).

    i’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the premium content/members only area, i’m going to try to make as much content public as possible, and just leave “adult” and “private video diaries” private, but do better with their SEO.

    using google’s auto fill is a great idea!!
    thanks for stopping by, very nice to hear from you :]

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