Lifestream propaganda #17: lifestreaming & the law of attraction

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Lifestreaming and the law of attraction have been mixing it up really well lately. First, lifestreaming is a rad tool for gratitude. And it is a perfect way to implement the three steps to creating your own reality: asking, believing & receiving. The hardest part is figuring out what you want! I talk about some recent successes & rename this site for the millionth time: Jessica Mullen's Lifestream of Attraction.

7 thoughts on “Lifestream propaganda #17: lifestreaming & the law of attraction

  1. Ok I am calling shenanigans on this one.

    I have been posting my status updates ( aka “life streaming” ) religiously since 2005…

    …and Salma Hayek has *NEVER* called and asked me out!

  2. “todd, i have never once seen you make a post about salma heyek.”

    That’s because that would just be creepy and weird.


  3. There’s one thing that I just cannot understand about the law of attraction.
    According to the law, if I want something so bad I have to act like I already have it in my life, so that what I believe in becomes reality.
    If I can make believe that I already have, for example, acceptance from people, or my dream job, then I will not need them anymore. So what is the use if they manifest in my life or not?

  4. hi yasemin,
    i totally understand where you’re coming from… sometimes i worry that i’ll stop wanting altogether, and for some reason that makes me sad.

    but i think the point of believing as if you already have what you want is to -act- as if you already have those things. by believing it, you act that way, and the things you believe become true.

    your example of acceptance from people is a good one. if you go into every conversation believing that people will accept you, then they will. because you will act in a way that will make it easier for people to accept you in the first place.

    if you act as if your shitty job is your dream job, then suddenly the shitty job isn’t so bad anymore. and with a more positive attitude at work, you might get promoted, or noticed by an outside company. if you do your work like it is the best work you could be doing, then you’ll gradually make it your best work.

    i guess it’s an attitude change that makes it possible to accept and even enjoy one’s current situation, that makes it possible to be open to bigger and better things.

    also just knowing WHAT your dream job is makes it that much easier to secure. but you have to do the work to figure out what IS your dream job. once we figure out what we want, i think it becomes a lot easier to obtain those things.

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