Lifestream propaganda #18: evolution of a lifestream

[recorded 6.13.10 | duration: 00:01:46 | Music credit: fire cut by CIRC | Subscribe in iTunes]
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This video is 100% pure lifestream propaganda. My current job in life is to get people to lifestream. Transparency will solve the world's problems! Lifestreaming helps you magickally get what you want. Believe!

As I toil away on my site OVERHAUL TO THE MAX, please enjoy this gem from Monday's photoshoot.

4 thoughts on “Lifestream propaganda #18: evolution of a lifestream

  1. your image is BEAUTIFUL! VERY well done. i’m impressed. (: this podcast makes me happy. everything you’ve been doing lately has been making me smile and keeping me positive. i look forward to growing with you on their journey. (:

  2. thank you katelyn! so glad you’re digging what’s going on :] the image is something i made several years ago and just dug out of my flickr archive, glad it’s getting a breath of fresh air.

  3. i really like your site. i find myself looking here nearly every day for inspiration (& at your food pics! ha). this video is really helpful & lovely, but must say, i still don’t understand exactly what a lifestream is. does it have a rigid format or is my blog sort-of a lifestream?? haha, sorry if i am being dense. both you and kelly are amazing. and i am jealous that you live in a camper (do you still?)!

  4. hi emily!
    so glad you asked about what a lifestream IS. to answer, it is where i collect all the documentation from my life. a lifestream website (like this site) is exactly like a blog, except I just post to it a LOT. i try to ‘stream my life’.

    i keep my longer, more thoughtful blog-esque posts and podcasts on the homepage of this site, but then you can view my “daily activities” which is my full lifestream (i just hide the food photos and other categories from the home page). i basically just post photos all day, describing what i’m doing. i especially like to post meal photos because it helps me be conscious and accountable for what i eat.

    so lifestreaming isn’t about collecting your WHOLE life on your blog site, but more about collecting the things you really care about on your blog. i really like using lifestreaming to achieve goals – if i post about wanting to lose weight, then i’m accountable for making progress for that goal.

    so the thing that separates lifestreaming from blogging is that the site collects your small updates (photos, tweets, what you’re listening to, etc) as well as bigger blog posts. it’s like collecting a big sketchbook/lab notebook/scrap book of supplies that can be turned into bigger and better posts and projects.

    there is no special way to do lifestreaming, but there are ways to make it easier to integrate into your life. you can set up your blog so you can email photos to it from your phone. that’s my chosen way of “experience-streaming”. you can also set up your blog to automatically update twitter and facebook when you post, so people know what you’re up to and can comment.

    hopefully that answers your question! let me know if it does!
    and about the camper, sadly we never got the funds together for it! we had big big plans but opted to go the money saving route of apartment living for another year. it is still our dream!

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