Lifestream propaganda #19: using lifestreaming to magickally get what you want in life

[recorded 6.17.10 | duration: 00:02:30 | Music credit: abstract bizzoff by CIRC | Subscribe in iTunes]
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Putting your life online can be scary, but the rewards are great! This video is about three ways lifestreaming can help you get what you want in life. First, posting about your goals gives you accountability and self-discipline. Second, lifestreaming is an amazing tool for expressing gratitude. Wallace Wattles says "the mental attitude of gratitude draws the mind into closer touch with the source from which the blessings come." Lastly, lifestreaming is a way to tell your own future.

3 thoughts on “Lifestream propaganda #19: using lifestreaming to magickally get what you want in life

  1. I tweet that I want to go on a date wif Salma Hayek, but all I got was a restraining order stapled to my front door, signed by her lawyers. :/

  2. awesome!! loved the jams, loved the editing, and the content was spot-on.

    valuable post!! i think you did a really good job of explaining how lifestreaming helps you get what you want. three solid points and makes total sense.

  3. todd, lmao it takes more work than a tweet! also, the law of attraction doesn’t work so well when you want to bend the will of others to your desires ;] instead of fixating on a specific person, try tweeting about a date with a tall dark and beautiful lady who is just about to enter your life tonight!

    kel, thanks for peepin! i feel self-conscious about this video because it’s like i just pulled this stuff out of my ass (i mean the universe’s ass) a couple days ago, and now i pass it off as fact.

    but it is! lol.

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