The end of premium lifestream content… for now

Dear lifestream lovers,

Premium content on this site is on indefinite hiatus. While this is a sad time for hott pix aficionados & diary viewers alike, I feel it is absolutely necessary for me to focus only on free & public content here for the time being.

As a web designer, I implemented the "premium content" system on my site because I thought it was a brilliant way to generate income from one's daily life. The problem was that I spent so much time trying to figure out what to do with such a lovely system that I didn't have time for creating!

I want to thank the people who support me by subscribing to this site. I advise you to cancel your subscription today, unless you'd like to keep helping me with a monthly donation :] I promise to give you more than ever before, harder than you knew you liked it!

This lifestream of attraction wants to be free! Who's going to start lifestreaming if they have to pay to figure it out? My number one mission is to inspire people to lifestream because I think it is so rawsome, and I can't do that in the unsearchable dark!

That being said, I am making money off this site in other ways, so it's all good in my wallet. You can support the site in a few different ways here.

I'm endlessly inspired by people who make & sell gorgeous, hand-crafted downloadable content, like Gala Darling, Jetta Vegas, and Philosophers Notes. My own projects are in the works now, so please sign up for the mailing list for more information when the time comes.

love & lust,

P.S. Current subscribers can still login and access the premium archive at any time. You can even still sign up, if you want to see what it's like in there!

4 thoughts on “The end of premium lifestream content… for now

  1. i think this is a good thing. (: i look forward to seeing what awesome shit you come up with. you’re a beautiful and talented lady so i know you won’t disappoint. ;) here we go…on yet another remarkable journey. i look forward to growing with you. xo

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