Using EFT to end emotional overeating! [video]

stills from the video using eft to end emotional overeating

I first heard about Emotional Freedom Techniques from Gala Darling. As a general believer in magick & the power of the mind, I like trying out metaphysical personal development techniques. I incorporate the ones that work into my daily life & I forget about the ones that don't. Meditation & tarot are my most successful experiments, while ping pong ball tripping was not repeated.

After I learned about EFT, I remained skeptical for a long time. But I started hearing from other people who have experience with it, & I became too curious.

Undoubtedly one of the freakiest videos I've published, please join me as I publicly expose my deep psychological issues & attempt to cure them in less than four minutes using EFT ;]

[recorded 6.27.10 | duration: 00:04:14 | Music credit: Tibetan Plateaux by SoLaRiS | Subscribe to my videos in iTunes]
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Have you ever tried EFT? Do you think I'm cured? I do.

9 thoughts on “Using EFT to end emotional overeating! [video]

  1. You are so lovely. Really want to give you a hug when you start crying at the end. Hope this works for you in confronting the things you want to move past; I might give it a try sometime… <333

  2. Dear Jessica,

    I recently just stumbled across your blog through a link over at, and honestly, I am truly glad that I did. EFT for emotional overeating is something that I have been considering for a looong time, and seeing this video has really made me commit to trying it. Thank you so much for posting this, and for showing how profoundly it affected you.

    I also just wanted to tell you that I love everything else on here too. You are such an inspiration, and have given me the kick I so desperately needed to get back into my law of attraction and general positive-living groove :)

    Thank you so much, and much love to you,

  3. jess, aww thanks for the hug thoughts :] by the time it was over, all the sadness was gone! it was like i shed a skin.

    amy, so happy you’re thinking of trying the eft! it definitely made me uncomfortable, but that’s why i think it worked… good luck on your journey! positivity is sexy ;]


  4. WOW. you never cease to amaze me. jessica, this is probably one of my most favourite posts you’ve ever done. THANK YOU for sharing. this was extremely touching. what a powerful video. i am seriously lost for words.

    that said, i have a few personal issues i need to get in touch with and conquer and that said, i think i am going to try eft. thanks, as always, for the inspiration. (: xoxo

  5. ALSO!

    i’ve been looking into this a lot since i last commented and have a couple of questions…

    so you think the eft was a success, i assume? i suppose i don’t understand it in the sense that you are announcing something negative (“even though…”), and although you back it up with something positive (“i love and forgive myself…”) how does that work? i have a really bad “habit” of getting jealous for no reason…and it’s very emotionally damaging because i get worked up for absolutely nothing. if i announce something like “even though i tend to be jealous and insecure, i choose to love and accept myself anyway…” aren’t i saying that i am OKAY with being jealous and insecure? /:

    hope to hear from you and i’m curious to see a possible follow-up post/video?

    keep it up, girl. xo

  6. @Jetta: It’s a means of confronting the behaviors and thought patterns you may have that you don’t like. It’s not productive (and can even be harmful, obviously) to deny that you /have/ the negative issue, but by saying, “You know, I may have this problem, but I love myself /unconditionally/,” you’re acknowledging that you’re not perfect– and that being imperfect does NOT mean you’re unworthy of self-love and self-acceptance.

    It’s not that you’re saying, “I’m okay being a person with issues!” It’s more that you’re saying, “I’ve got some issues, but I can work with that because I love myself enough to make it work.” You’re not ignoring the imperfections; you’re addressing them.

    Basically, it’s just easier to move past your negative issues by accepting their presence than by denying them or shoving them away from your acknowledgement and subsequent focus. Or at least, that’s how I see it, having never actually tried EFT for myself– Jessica may very well have a different answer. =)

  7. @jess, thank you for the thoughtful reply – i definitely agree with you!
    @jetta, jess is spot on in a lot of areas – for me, with the emotional overeating thing, it is such a cause of self-hate, that i probably wouldn’t be able to move forward without getting over that self-hate. meaning, if i just get angry at myself and beat myself up about it, i won’t change. i have to give myself a loving and caring environment to grow.

    that being said, i am definitely doing a follow up vid/post this week because i would not say EFT is a cure all – not if you only do it one time. i think like meditation or therapy, it has to be practiced regularly to work.

  8. Jess, you have such a lovely, calming voice and way of speaking. Ive known about EFT for a while, but havent delved into it. I might try it now, I also eat when I am bored and stressed.

  9. Hey Dame! Thanks for watching the video. I would love to hear how it works for you! We can conquer this beast!

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