An EFT update – I can eat whatever I want & never gain weight!

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Welcome to my first video from the new apartment! Today I want to share an update on my work with EFT. I tried it a little over a week ago to address issues with emotional overeating. I had some success - I didn't overeat for 7 days (I consider overeating to be going over 2000 calories), but then I moved & things got stressful & I went back to my old ways!

My first conclusion is that EFT should be practiced regularly to be successful, like meditation or exercise. But I had a much bigger realization about the issue I was working on–instead of focusing on NOT overeating, I just want to be EATING WELL.

I want to make my life easier, not harder! Instead of using the law of attraction to successfully restrict calories, I should use it to get what I REALLY want, which is to eat whatever I want & never worry about my weight! So I'm quitting counting calories, no longer weighing myself, & seeing what happens!

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What do you think about calorie restriction & the raw food diet? Is a calorie just a calorie, or can one eat more calories & not gain weight if the food is all raw vegan?

3 thoughts on “An EFT update – I can eat whatever I want & never gain weight!

  1. Here you fucking go!

    I love it. I’m so glad you’re quitting counting calories and weighing yourself. I think it will be such a relief not to have to think about that shit. I think we will eat less because there won’t always be this forbidden fruit of getting to eat too many calories. We will just eat when we are hungry. Or when we really need a second dessert. For breakfast.

    Again, loved this so much, and I think its so cool that you’re revising your focus to be on something you want instead of something you don’t want. That is important. I’ve been trying to focus on the same concept.

    H DUB!

  2. Ooooh, this is a great post!! Have you ever noticed that, when you raise a lot of magickal energy, you require more food to stay full? I don’t know if there is a connection, but I swear that, whenever I do really intense or focused energy work, I am constantly hungry. It’s almost as if it speeds up my metabolism or something, because I do eat more but don’t gain any weight. I was just curious as to whether or not this has ever happened to you, too!


  3. @Kelly, This DEFINITELY means dessert for breakfast. & can we please ask sugar mama’s to get on that raw cupcake already? JUST LET ME DO IT OK?

    @Cali I am so glad you mentioned that! I had never even thought about the connection, but I think it really makes sense. I also think eating raw allows me to be more in touch with energy, so it would make sense that I’d be hungrier. Thanks so much for bringing it up, I’ll know to pay better attention now.

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