How to manifest money – my current & future financial situation


How to manifest money – my current & future financial situation

Here's something I don't like talking about: money. I grew up in a wealthy suburb of Chicago, went to a private high school and attended college paid for by my parents. I have always felt extreme guilt for being born into a cushioned lifestyle.

My guilt manifested into debt. After college, I let my personal finances become a complete mess. I didn't budget, I didn't make enough money to pay for my apartment, & I used credit cards to pay for everything. I took out loans to pay for grad school. Finally! A financial situation to match what I felt I deserved!

Whenever cornered by my father about money, I would mumble something like "don't worry, everything's fine!" I wouldn't dare tell him the truth, because it would make me feel ungrateful & idiotic.

Yesterday, I swallowed my pride & asked for help. I printed out my balances & asked my dad what I could do to improve the situation. Graciously, generously, & without biting my head off, he helped me come up with a plan to tackle my debt.

Now that I have come clean to him, I can come clean online. I firmly believe in financial transparency & took a stab at it with my weekly financial hygiene routine. But until I could see simple numbers like at Oh No My Money, my debt wasn't going anywhere.

Here is where I currently stand as of July 18, 2010:


Here is where I am one year from now:

money visualization

This is a visualization exercise to help me picture exactly how much money I want to attract into my life. My debt is paid, my savings overflowing, & I have plenty of income to support experiences like travel to Europe. I'm not yet trying to figure out HOW I'm going to get this money. All that's important is that I know exactly how much I want & what it feels like to have it.

Now I can print this visualization out & make it happen! Money is such a touchy subject, but it doesn't have to be! There is enough wealth for everyone! What are your thoughts on financial transparency? Yay or nay?

Jessica Mullen

Living the magick life.

  • Kelly Cree

    I never thought about it like this before, but I think transparency is a great way to manifest money. I’ve been wanting to do it, just because I feel like if people know where their money was going, they would be a lot more likely to hand it over to me. Now I realize, that is only one of many ways that wealth may manifest itself in my life. By being completely transparent, I can show gratitude for what I have and put a public declaration into the Universe for what I need.

    Think and Grow Rich, bb!

    As it seems has been a bit of a trend lately, I’m inspired, now, to make a similar post. Starting to feel like quite the copy-cat. You should be flattered! <3

  • jessica mullen

    ha copycat, whatevs. you were the impetus this whole post anyway!

    you are so right about gratitude. one thing i’ve learned from this is that my current situation really isn’t that bad & i am so grateful for that! my finances used to be a scary monster hiding under the bed, now they are just an ugly pile of clothes on the floor with cat barf on them.

    but soon they will be sparkly tutus & fishnet with diamonds on them.

    this metaphor’s cheese slid off it’s cracker.

  • Molly Burkett

    I appreciate the full disclosure about your finances! And it’s interesting how you link the guilt of a cushy upbringing with financial instability later… I’m in a similiar situation and that’s interesting to think about.

    I heard a story once that Jim Carrey as a struggling actor/comedian once sat in bed and wrote himself a check for one million dollars, “for acting services rendered”, and a year or two later he starred in Ace Ventura for big, big bucks. We just need to think about abundance entering our lives, and that we deserve it, and there’s enough for everybody. The debt will take care of itself if we have a mindset of abundance instead of lacking. (And I dig the diamond studded tutu metaphor. I think I’ll start to visualize my finances as a first class plane seat on Air France!) Good luck richie rich!

  • Ed

    Heh, I find myself in a similar situation except never had the cushy start….I haven’t made any progress on my student loans and the repo man should be coming for my car pretty soon….starting to talk to bankruptcy lawyers :( Spreadsheets are are a great way to get organized but I’ve planned on money I can never seem to acquire either and for whatever reason never happens…best thoughts to ya and your family.

  • Ed

    How much can our poor decisions cost us? Everything. Fucking Everything!

  • jessica mullen

    @molly, thank you for that jim carrey story! i am so writing myself a check right now!

    @ed, the repo man, oh no! maybe try thinking about your debt being reduced, try thinking of abundance instead of lacking. i really like what molly said above, “We just need to think about abundance entering our lives, and that we deserve it, and there’s enough for everybody. The debt will take care of itself if we have a mindset of abundance instead of lacking. ”

    if you are feeling particularly open-minded, try watching some esther & jerry hicks films

    they are weird but inspiring! :]

  • Kelly Cree

    yes, focus on abundance, not lacking! if you focus on what you don’t have, then that is the vibration you are sending out into the universe, thus manifesting more lacking. focus of vibrations of abundance and abundance you shall receive!

  • Botevyle

    Hi Jessica, remember this post? Obviously I do.

    Great that you have so much confidence in your new plans and initiatives.

    But what went wrong with previous plans and hygienes mentioned here and in linked pages, which don’t seem to have realised their full potential?

    I did wonder whether an adapted version of the plan you drew up with your Dad would still have a chance of being effective?

  • Botevyle

    Forgot to also ask whether there were any previous plans and disciplines observed and maintained that have been effective in the last couple of years thereby prevented the debt being greater?

  • jessica mullen

    Hi David!
    I just went wild with credit, thinking that “acting as if” meant spending money I didn’t have, getting the feeling of it. In a way it really worked – I know now what it’s like to spend like I make $60k a year. What it really came down to is that I didn’t understand the value of a dollar and I never wanted money bad enough to pull it through me, because I always had credit to fall back on. Now that I’m not using credit, I’m finding creative ways to allow abundance into my life.

    You may have seen my “rehab” post – that’s the extent to which I am making a new plan. Sobriety, meditation and focus on self love is my plan. It’s working out great so far. Thank you for your support and interest! xo

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