Ask & it is given! Ending eating issues for good with the law of attraction

ask and it is given

I recently tried EFT to address my issues with emotional overeating. I wanted to manifest a reality where I could eat whatever I want & never gain weight. The other day, I realized that IT WORKED.

The first thing I had to do was give up intoxicating substances, because they interfere with my ability to find joy. How can you find joy when you're taking depressants? Without clouded emotions, I don't need to have such a restrictive diet. I don't need to weigh myself, & I certainly don't need to count calories!

The most important thing I learned is that there is a time delay when using the law of attraction. Even if it seems like it isn't working, just keep thinking positive thoughts & searching for your joy! Keep believing the things you want to be your reality, & they will come to you.

I have had eating issues for TWENTY YEARS, & now I am over them. I have so much free time to manifest things like winning the lottery!

If you are unhappy or trying to manifest change in your life, the simplest thing you can do is start searching for joy in every moment. I've found walking is the most joyful thing I can do lately, because it leads me to adventure, friends, & delicious vegan food everywhere!

What you want you already have. Start believing it!

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4 thoughts on “Ask & it is given! Ending eating issues for good with the law of attraction

  1. Judging by what you’ve been sharing on greader, you’re getting a ton of variety in your diet, so I’m not worried you’re going to wither away into eating disorder land of skin and bone physique with brittle bones. I’m definitely proud for you that you’ve found a lifestyle that makes you happy, but your diet is definitely bounded by strict guidelines. Saying you don’t have a restrictive diet sounds pretty odd to anyone that isn’t a vegan.

    Jess, it doesn’t really sound like you’re eating “whatever” you want if you’re eating a vegan diet, which restricts ALL animal products including cheese and eggs if memory serves. Saying eating everything vegan you want without gaining weight as getting over your issues doesn’t sound the same as not worrying about gaining weight. It sounds more like you’ve found a regimen that keeps you from gaining anything, which is extremely different than not worrying if you gain or lose a few pounds here and there.

    What I’ve experienced with my stints of vegetarianism and my vegan friends is that you have to eat constantly to get enough energy for your day, and your life actually becomes about your food because of your need to keep eating to stay alert and alive.

    Again, super glad you feel free of the weight anxiety, but I think your phrasing is pretty off as well as your definition of “restrictive.”

  2. Steph,
    Hahaha wow thanks for putting that into perspective! Eating vegan is definitely my “default” now, so I don’t even think about how restrictive it is in terms of the Standard American Diet.

    You are so right, thank you for giving me a different way to look at this!

    The way I look at it is this: whatever you believe is how reality is. You suggesting that eating vegan is why I can eat whatever I want & not have issues with my weight helps me, because if I can believe it, it’s true!

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