Wouldn’t it be nice if…

 2010 August 24
by jessica mullen   Comments Off 

wouldn't it be nice if

I was listening to a Jerry & Esther mp3 today, from the Vortex of Creation Workshop Series in 2010. Abraham suggested a sweet process to get you in the vortex mood: asking “wouldn’t it be nice if…” at every “segment” in your daily experience. Asking “wouldn’t it be nice if…” puts you in a position of allowing, and in a mood with little negative resistance. It would be pretty hard to think negative thoughts if you started your thought with “wouldn’t it be nice if…”

Wouldn’t it be nice if I remembered to think this thought more frequently? Wouldn’t it be nice if I remained inspired the rest of the evening? Wouldn’t it be nice if Pwny stayed cute the rest of her life? Wouldn’t it be nice if Kelly won $18k playing poker tonight? Wouldn’t it be nice if I never had to think about money again? Wouldn’t it be nice if I got inspired to start the next life design lesson now? Wouldn’t it be nice if I got to meet Jerry & Esther and chill with them in their monster bus?

Wouldn’t it be nice if I remembered to think like this before every segment in my life? I think I will!

Thinking is weird.

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