16 thoughts on “Lesson 5: Designing Environments

  1. I find the idea of vision boards compelling, but I struggle with actively noticing the things I’ve displayed, much like humans stop noticing their environments. One thing that I’ve tried, while not the same but following the same idea, is creating inspiration collages for my writing. When I feel compelled to write but don’t necessarily have a story in mind (or a character, or a plot…), I look for and put together images that evoke the emotion I want to create, then set it as my desktop. It’s worked more than once.

    Perhaps that paragraph should be my own example of how it could work for my life on a grander scale. Maybe, for me, it’s about frequent updates and changes so it doesn’t get a chance to become a part of my routine, so to speak.

  2. That’s exactly the kind of thing I was looking for – examples of vision boards not on paper. A frequently changing desktop wallpaper seems so perfect – I try to put inspiring things on mine as well but I need to pay more attention to it!

  3. I just realised that you have (what look like?) Tool (esque?) graphics on your vision board! Is that intentional or did you just think they were bad ass.

    Because they are bad ass.

  4. Yep, that’s some Alex Gray art, who does a lot of Tool art. I’m not sure if that particular image is actually on a Tool cover or not… But I love Gray’s work, so trippy!

  5. Yeah I love Tools album art and stuff. I didn’t know who did them though, that’s awesome. I went to see them live before and it was the trippiest show I’ve ever seen, even though I had to jump around to see over all the sweaty dudes!

  6. Yes their shows are incredible! I was nearly moshed to death at one show, but I went to another one & sat up really high & chilled & tripped out to the music… ha what lovely memories.

  7. Yeah I went to see it with my bf and his friend and they wanted to be down there. But if they ever come back here that’s what I’ll be doing! I feel like I missed so much of the show.

  8. Wow, making a video is so much harder than i ever would have
    thought! I look completely insane and feel like a mannequin! And
    I sound like a moose talking under water!! It looks so easy when
    you see them all over the place. But, it was really funny and i’m
    gonna do it again! This is another really powerful lesson…thanks.

  9. Libby! Thank you so much for the reply!! I’m so excited for you!! Do you have any links to share yet?! I’m so happy for you, and so glad to be on this journey with you. <3

  10. Jessica, you and Kelly are my heros !! :o) I do have a link, to
    my brand spankin new about page inspired by SoLD.
    I can’t wait for you to see it, and i forgot to link it on Lesson 1… http://libbydickerson.com/165-2/ Learning about lifestreaming
    makes me ridiculously happy, thanks. <3

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