How to put a donate button on your Tumblr, blog, or website

 2011 February 17
by jessica mullen   67 Comments 


thanks Ignacio Conejo & Javier Volcan!

No matter what kind of website you have, you should put a “donate” button on it! I find myself reading blogs every day that I wish had a simple way to donate to. You never know when you might write a post that really strikes a chord with someone, leaving them wanting to compensate you financially! Here’s how to get the money flowing into your bank account.

Using PayPal is easy!

  1. Get a PayPal account and select the “Business” type.
  2. If you already have a PayPal account, convert your account to a business account.
  3. Go to Merchant Services and click “Donate” under Create Buttons.
  4. Fill out your organization (just use your name or your blog’s name) and customize the button all you want. You can uncheck “Do you need your customer’s shipping address?”
  5. Click “Create Button” and copy the provided code.

Paypal provides two bits of code: one to embed the button on your site, and one to link text like this (click the “Email” tab), so you can make a hyperlink instead of using their button. Here’s what to do on your site:

On Tumblr

  1. Go to your site, then click “customize”.
  2. Click “Theme” then “Use custom HTML”. Copy and paste the code there into a plain text document in case you screw up when pasting in your code!
  3. Find a place to paste in your code, somewhere after the </body> tag. I put mine right after the </header> tag. You can also paste the hyperlink code into an individual post.

On self-hosted WordPress

  1. Go to your “Widgets”, which adds things to your sidebar.
  2. Drag a new “text” widget into the widget area, then paste in your PayPal button code. Click save and you’re done!


Sadly they won’t let you paste in PayPal buttons! If you like WordPress and want donations, your best bet is to get self-hosted! ETA: I just realized you can use the donation button hyperlink (example here) provided under the “Email” tab, you could even make your own button and link it!


Blogger lets you do this easily! You can either embed the code in a post (HTML view) or go to “Design”, then “Add Gadget”, then add “HTML/Javascript” and paste it on in! Your button will show up in your sidebar (see my example here).

Don’t forget to write a little something before or after your pasted in code to encourage donations! Something sweet and simple should do the trick, like “If you like this site, please consider a small donation!” Get creative and see what people respond to best!

If you’d like to know how to put a donate button on a different kind of website, just ask in the comments!

Pro tip!

To get the donations flowing, start “practicing the feeling” of receiving donations. What will it feel like when you check your email and find a donation from a loving reader? Visualize the moment and really feel the thrill. The more you practice, the more you will attract experiences that produce the same feeling, and the more abundance you will receive!

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