The Daily Self Love worksheet

 2011 February 19
by jessica mullen   24 Comments 

Daily Self Love

I’m ecstatic that so many of you enjoyed the Gathering Momentum worksheet! I’ve been doing them too, and they’re so fun that I get sad when I’m finished! So of course I needed to make another one!

Self love makes you feel good

I used to waste a lot of life having negative thoughts about myself. Sometimes they still creep in and it is SO ANNOYING! No one should wake up feeling guilty for something delicious they ate, or feel insecure about their inherent beauty! I made the Daily Self Love worksheet to stomp out those negative thoughts for good.

my daily self love!

I tested it out to see if it really works. I’m most susceptible to negative thoughts about myself when I first wake up, so I left a worksheet on my bathroom counter and filled it out FIRST THING yesterday. My day was immediately transformed! I hopped in the shower thinking about all the things I’m grateful for, then excitedly went about my awesome day.

I did another one before going to bed last night, when I’m most likely to mindlessly veg out and let my mood drop. It really helped me alter my attitude and go to sleep feeling fantastic!

Download the Daily Self Love worksheet here!

I guarantee this worksheet will help anytime body or confidence issues start slithering in. It will even improve your feelings of self love if you have no negative thoughts about yourself at all. Try one out and see if it makes you like yourself a little bit more, I promise it will!

Worksheet Instructions

Most of the worksheet is self-explanatory, but one section deserves special attention: 3 feelings I want to practice today. First, identify how you would like to feel today. Euphoric? Healthy? Abundant? Write the feelings down and then spend up to a minute practicing each feeling. The idea behind it is that when you practice a specific feeling, you attract experiences into your life that produce the same feeling. So when you take a minute to practice euphoria in the morning, you’ll end up in some euphoric situation in no time!

One method to practice a feeling is to close your eyes and visualize yourself experiencing the feeling. For example, I often want to feel creative inspiration. So I close my eyes and picture how I behave when I am inspired – I’m bouncing all over the place, often typing frantically, completely focused and unable to stop what I’m doing until I’m finished. The important part is that you actually feel the emotion during the exercise. You can’t fake it!

Now you can buy the Daily Self Love Workbook! 8.5×11”, 100 worksheets, coil bound, $15!

P.S. Want more ways to love yourself? Read Gala Darling’s ultra-inspiring Playgirls Guide to Radical Self Love posts! Also, I’d love to see your completed worksheets if you want to leave a link in the comments!

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