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If you're reading this, you've probably already decided that a conventional path through life is not for you. You want to do the things you love and make money doing them. You don't want to work for the man, or anyone else. You know you have something important to share with the world. A day job, fancy car and flatscreen TV aren't going to help you do that.

I felt the same way. So I quit working for other people and started taking my website seriously. Within 6 months, I was making an income from

My goal is to help you do the same. This morning I finished writing my first book, Get a Website, Get Happy, Get Paid. It outlines exactly what you have to do to start getting paid for your own creative efforts.

The book is extremely short: 3.5 pages. There is zero fluff, only the specific instructions you need to start living the life you know you deserve.

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The School of Life Design Forum

I realize that a 3.5 page book might leave you with a lot of questions about your specific situation. So I created a brand new, private forum for us to share ideas, get help and encourage each other to succeed. In the forum you can:

  • get access to advertising and promotional opportunities for your site
  • ask technical questions about your website
  • promote your own site
  • get advice on how to best monetize your creative talents
  • share tips on ways to feel good and stay inspired
  • learn about different ways to sell your ideas
  • find the best companies to work with
  • ask me as many questions as you want and get prompt replies
  • hang out with other people who are just as driven, motivated and creative as you are

You can purchase Get a Website, Get Happy, Get Paid by itself for $12, or you can sign up for The School of Life Design Forum access at $11/month and get the book for free.

Think of subscribing to forum access as paying tuition for a very elite education. You are at the forefront of a huge paradigm shift. The old paradigm was to go to school, get a job working for someone else, and if you're very brave, start a company and bust your ass trying to sell stuff to other people. The new paradigm is to do what you love first, then share that love, then receive nothing but love in return. It's the law of attraction. The Internet is making the new paradigm possible.

(Note: click the "Return To jessica mullen design" button on the bottom right after purchasing to access the download link)

Get a Website, Get Happy,
Get Paid


Thanks for signing up! Go check out the forum now!


23 thoughts on “Get a Website, Get Happy, Get Paid

  1. Congratulations on the book! I’ve been reading and studying your School of Life Design posts, and I am psyched to see the projects that keep manifesting out of your direction. I’m very muchly inspired by this. You’d better believe that I’m going to be downloading this book and hanging out in the forum. All that remains is for me to confirm my PayPal account, and you’ve got my support, both financially and in spirit. Keep in the flow, sister! Everything looks AWESOME!
    -Jessica Schiszler

  2. Jessica, this is great as Ive just launched my own site and youre own of my inspirations!

    Quick question, which plugin gives you the great share buttons at the bottom of your post?

    Love and Light
    Lisa xo

  3. OMG this is so exciting! I’ll definitely be joining at some point in the near future! Also, loving the addition of CommentLuv, maybe I’ll put it on my site too!

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  5. Wow.. what perfect timing! I’ve been thinking about how I really need some guidance in kick starting my blog/website/business but I had NO idea what to do! Thank you for starting this! I will definitely be signing up soon!

  6. score! now that i’ve got the site…i’m signing up for this as soon as i get my tax refund money transferred to my bank account!

  7. Love love love all you do and create! Way to teach by example :)

    I’m interested in joining your forum – is there a way to purchase in 6 month blocks of membership goodness?

  8. My friend advisable I might potentially such as this site. He appeared to be entirely right. That submit definitely produced my own day. You cannot visualize the best way considerably time I’d put in because of this facts! Thanks!

  9. It could be a nice and handy section of information. I will be happy that you simply provided this beneficial details with us. You should stop us advised in this way. Appreciate discussing.

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