Change your expectations with the lucid dream journal worksheet!

 2011 March 11
by jessica mullen   10 Comments 

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There is no time, only now. Your thoughts are the only thing creating any change in your reality. Whatever you expect will come. When you change your expectations, you change your reality. How do you change your expectations?

An expectation is what you believe is most likely to happen. You must change your beliefs to change your expectations. Beliefs are just thoughts you think a lot. Change your beliefs by changing your thoughts.

One benefit of entheogens is that they can remove all limiting beliefs for a brief period of time, allowing you to change your expectations (and therefore reality) in an instant. Dreams are similar, and for that reason I’m introducing lucid dreaming into my life design studies.

Your dreams are indicators of thoughts you’re thinking. They are precursors to your future. Lucid dreaming is a way of consciously directing your dreams. When you can control your reality precursors, imagine how your waking reality might be affected!

I am embarking on a four week adventure called Lucid Dreams in 30 Days: The Creative Sleep Program, by Keith Harary, Ph. D., and Pamela Weintraub:

By the end of our four-week program you should be able to induce and sustain lucid dreams, fly to distant dream locales, take part in crafter, extraordinary dream adventures, explore your most private sexual fantasies with a variety of dream lovers, investigate creative solutions to personal and professional problems, and even boost your immune system to enhance health. You may also find yourself transcending ordinary perceptions of reality as you come to terms with your innermost thoughts and feelings about death, existentialism, and God. -p. x

The book suggests keeping a dream journal with various important bits of information about each dream like setting, characters, and emotions felt. It sounded like a daunting amount of things to remember to write down after every dream, so I made us a beautiful worksheet to use! I printed out 30 copies of it and bound them with a binder clip and am now storing the booklet under my pillow.

Download the Dream Journal Worksheet Here

To start, the instructions are simply to create the journal, find a special pen to use only with your journal, and then keep it by your bed. They encourage you to affirm your willingness to remember your dreams before falling asleep. Then, when you wake, stay still with your eyes closed for a few minutes until you have remembered what you want from your dream. Write down as much as you can, and use the blank box to draw pictures if it helps.

I’m so excited to be finding fresh paths in life design to explore! I’d love to hear of your own lucid dreaming practice if you have one or want to start with me!

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