Today’s Homework: What’s Your Solution? [new worksheet!]

there's always gonna be another mountain
thanks Spreng Ben!

Have a problem you just can't get rid of? Me too! But when you know what your problem is, you're a lot closer to your solution than you might think. All it takes is:

  1. Acknowledging the problem.
  2. Figuring out how the problem makes you feel.
  3. Finding the opposite emotion. That's what the solution feels like.
  4. Practicing the feeling of the solution by thinking of other things in your life that give you that same feeling.
  5. Letting go of the problem completely, trusting the universe to bring you the answer.


Download the "What's Your Solution?" PDF worksheet!

The "What's Your Solution?" worksheet gets you to the answer faster by helping you focus on your desired outcome: a specific feeling. It's easy - you figure out how your problem makes you feel, then find a few thoughts that make you feel the opposite. Throughout your day, you have a list of bookmarked, good-feeling thoughts to entertain whenever thoughts of your problem try to butt in.

Practice feeling what you want to feel, then let it go. Distract yourself by feeling good in other ways. Practice, then let go. Practice, then let go. You're building up your conscious creation muscles. It gets easier and more fun every time.

8 thoughts on “Today’s Homework: What’s Your Solution? [new worksheet!]

  1. Thank you lovelies!!! I filled one out too, the day I made it – the only reason I made it was because I had a problem lol! Anyway, it definitely worked! I had this pulled muscle, and realized it was just stress and negative thoughts about having the flow of my daily life interrupted… I was being uptight and my muscles started heading that way too. Buuut then I went camping and the pain disappeared. The solution was to think about something else! I wonder if that’s always the solution.

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