A Prayer for Bad Moods

 2011 May 4
by jessica mullen   6 Comments 


I’m so grateful I listen. I know I am taken care of by the universe. There is nothing I have to do. All that matters is feeling good. And I know I can always follow my emotions up to feeling good.

It’s a choice in every moment. I can let go and move up. My intuition always tells me what to do, like “go outside, now!” I just have to listen.

Life is magickal, and what you think really does manifest. If you can’t think of anything good, don’t think at all.

The universe does not operate on logic, it functions under the rules of play. The only rules in play are to feel good and have fun.

You don’t need a job, or a routine; the universe will provide a schedule of events. Your job is to feel good.

So in this moment, ask yourself, “now what?” Let your emotions tell you the directions towards bliss.

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