Do You Keep a Universal Grocery List?

universal grocery list worksheet

The best advice I ever received for increasing abundance in my life was from Abraham-Hicks' financial abundance meditation:

The fastest way to get to an improved financial condition is to look for pleasing things that you already have. For in the seeking and finding of that which is working, more success will come. And it will come quickly.

I created the Notice It, Get More of It worksheet to put this concept into practice, but the title never sat well with me. Recently I changed the title to "Universal Grocery List" instead.

The goal of the grocery list is to start noticing the enormous number of things going right in one's life. Had a good meal? Want another one? Write it on the list. Had a good workout? Write it on the list. Get an awesome Facebook comment from your crush? Write it on the list.

I knew this worksheet was really working when Kelly started filling them out obsessively. Every day, we play a game to see if we can fill up all 60 spaces. And every day, we find more reasons to say, "yes please, more of that please."

Can you find 60 things in your life you'd like to order more of today?

Download the Universal Grocery List worksheet

Here's an 8.5x11 version and here's a FUNFILE version! Enjoy!

18 thoughts on “Do You Keep a Universal Grocery List?

  1. Jessica, this is one of the best tools you’ve put out there to date. What a wonderful idea! This is the kind of stuff I read your blog for. The first thing I put on my grocery list is “meaningful interactions with bomb-ass, like minded blogger folk that rock”. Here’s releasing it into the universe for more!

  2. That’s such a simple idea and like a lot of simple ideas it’s immensely powerful. I’m really going to have to try this for myself. An example where I unwitting did it recently; I wanted to see some new photos of my favourite actor (I swear I’m not making this up) on some the forums devoted to him I pootle around on. Never thought any more about it. In fact it was just a passing, casual, thought. I wasn’t even concentrating on it actively. Several days later, there were some new photos doing the rounds of the various forums and it has to be said they were rather edible. Le sigh. Yeah, this is a very small and trivial example, but it does show that this stuff works.

    I’ve also found that if I don’t work on my gratitude journal, or even post something on my site, even if it’s just a saying that’s inspired me, I start to feel very blah and jumpy. It’s weird, but it’s like I carry on, the energy keeps moving. I don’t and it just basically all kind of goes to shit. Have you ever found that?

  3. OMG Annie! I know what you mean about backsliding on the gratitude lists! When I forget to be grateful, I have less to be grateful for!

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