Magick Trick #1: Hacking the Law of Attraction

 2011 September 29
by jessica mullen   9 Comments 

magick trick #1!
Thank you Neon23!

We got some magick tricks up in here for y’all! Today we’ll discuss how to stop sending a signal of lack so you can finally receive all the booty you want.

The law of attraction works in this manner (see Abraham-Hicks for more on this philosophy):

  1. Ask for what you want.
  2. Believe the universe will bring it to you.
  3. Receive what you want by not caring if you get it or not and finding a way to feel good without it.

The third step trips me up all the time. How am I supposed to stop wanting what I want? Why would I want to? I want to because the universe can’t bring me something if I’m projecting a signal of “I want this and I don’t have it.” The universe will keep sending me experiences that reflect my signal of lack. If I can stop projecting “I don’t have this but I want it,” and feel good anyway, I know what I want is on the way.

So how does one stop projecting the signal of “I don’t have this”? The answer is much simpler than I expected. All it takes is a single thought: “I want a reason to stop caring if I receive this manifestation.” You may find, as I did, that you have much less resistance to that desire, and the universe will bring you some reason to stop caring about getting what you want.

For example, say you want a specific amount of money. You want this money for a good reason, I’m sure. If you really need money to pay bills, it might be hard to stop wanting this money – how else will your bills get paid?! But if you ask for a reason to stop caring if you get the money, you’ll be so surprised about what comes. You might get a new employment opportunity, or a check in the mail. You might find you don’t have to pay your bills anymore. Anything can happen!

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