How To Put a Facebook Like Button On Your Website, Tumblr or Blog

 2011 October 26
by jessica mullen   6 Comments 

Click the Like Button!

The Facebook Like button has become the easiest way to share information with my friends. I love that it only takes one click to post an article I like to my wall, and I love that Facebook makes it easy to re-share items. The Facebook Like button is one of the best word-of-mouth promotional tools I’ve found. Definitely consider installing this feature if you want your ideas to spread!

The best part of the Like button is that it’s easy to install on any kind of website. Below I’ve outlined the steps for various platforms. Click the Like button!

Self-hosted WordPress

If you run WordPress on your own server, installing a Facebook Like button is super easy!

  1. Install the Facebook Like plugin. A Facebook Like menu option will show up in your WordPress dashboard sidebar. There you enter your Facebook app ID (create one here) and preferences, like where you want the button to show up.
  2. Install the Facebook Like Thumbnail plugin to enable the proper images to show up when someone likes a post on your site.

On a blog hosted at, you have two options.

  1. Using your widgets (see your dashboard sidebar), you can add a Like button widget that connects to a Facebook page.
  2. To add a Like button to an individual post, you have to manually generate the Like button code. Here is a service (and some more info about it) that will do it for you for free. Create your post, then create your Like button, then paste the provided Like button code in your post.

Movable Type

This guy has the hookup on the MT instructions!


Here is how you can put a Like button for your whole Tumblr site.

  1. Create your button code on Facebook.
  2. Edit the HTML of your Tumblr theme and paste in Facebook’s code wherever you want your button. I put mine right after my donate button at the top.

Other websites

You can generate Facebook Like buttons for any website. Just copy and paste the code Facebook provides.

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