What I Learned from Quitting Deodorant

 2011 November 8
by jessica mullen   15 Comments 


I stopped using shampoo almost two years ago and never looked back (shampoo strips your hair of oil, which causes your scalp to overproduce oil, making you need to shampoo to remove the oil!). I wanted to see if deodorant was a similar hygiene scam, so I stopped wearing it about a month ago. I still use plenty of soap and most of the time I smell great. Occasionally I am pretty repulsed by the smell of my sweat, and I began to wonder what that meant vibrationally.

What does it feel like to smell bad? To me it feels stressful. A couple nights ago I realized I only smell when I’m under pressure, and that must be significant. In fact, it’s a blessed indicator that I’m stressed out and I should chill my thoughts out.

Covering up body odor with deodorant is a way to mask a symptom. Remember those “Sure! Unsure!” deodorant commercials? They were about hiding the fact that you’re stressed and sweaty so people would think you’ve got it together. But why cover up the stress when you can remove it at the root?

Our bodies do the things they do to help us know what’s going on in our heads. Body odor is an indicator of stress, which is an indicator of negative thoughts. Stop the negative thoughts, stop the stress, stop the smell. Perhaps that’s not as easy as swiping one’s pits with chemicals, but it’s definitely more rewarding.

So while I work on destressing, anyone have any good deodorant alternatives? ;]

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