Tokens of Appreciation [new magick trick]

 2011 December 12
by jessica mullen   5 Comments 

Token Bag front

When you appreciate, not only does the object of your appreciation increase in value, but you increase in value as well. Whatever you focus on in your reality expands, so when you place your powerful attention on things you like, you get more. As you feel the emotion of appreciation, you send the signal of abundance, which is then reflected back to you in every area of your life.

A few weeks ago, Kelly started coloring these adorable tokens of appreciation. Designed to be given to a friend, a stranger, or left in a special place, these tokens are a way to literally invest in your future experiences. Leave one with your check after a good meal at a restaurant. Place one on an object you really like at a store. Deposit one between the pages of your favorite book. Each time you practice the feeling of appreciating your reality, you attract more to appreciate.

Magick money

Spilled tokens

These tokens are a powerful form of currency. Each time you spend one, your creative power is highly concentrated to expand what you’re appreciating. Think of your attention as a powerful laser, and the token is a bull’s eye for your laser. Whatever you place your bull’s eye on will grow, Honey I Blew Up the Kids style! Give one to your favorite cashier and your next trip to the store will hold delightful surprises. Leave one at the library and attract the information you desire. The possibilities are endless, and anything can happen!

Invest in how you feel

Token cluster
Start looking for things to appreciate and you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll find. As you practice the feeling of appreciation, the value of your entire reality will increase. The true magick in these tokens is not the manifestations they’ll bring, but the way you’ll feel as you invest in your life.

Appreciate our art!

Being the most fun thing to cut and color ever, Kelly and I created dozens of colorful tokens and placed them in precious satchels that feel like bags of gold! Each bag contains 10 one-of-a-kind, hand-colored tokens on bristol paper. If you’d like to purchase a bag, you can do so below! Give a bag to someone you appreciate, or buy one for yourself to practice your own power of appreciation. Have fun spending your tokens, and enjoy the magick of unfolding the manifestations you created!

Continue learning more on the tokens of appreciation website, or purchase your set now.

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