My truths of 2012

 2011 December 31
by jessica mullen   3 Comments 

These are my truths of 2012:

  • I'm allowing.
  • I'm a star.
  • I am a life designer. I deliberately choose what I think and feel. My mood is my work. I monetize my work by writing about, designing, and selling shortcuts to feeling good.
  • I am a conduit. I work constantly, brutally, effortlessly. Inspiration always comes.
  • I have the #1 self-improvement (i.e., life design/conscious creation/metaphysical philosophy) website in the world (included in Time's "Health and Fitness" category of the 50 Best Websites of 2012).
  • I am kind, encouraging and welcoming.
  • I make $5,000 a month in passive income.
  • I am 115 pounds of sexy bikini perfection.
  • 2012 is the year we blow up.
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3 Responses
  1. Annie permalink
    December 31, 2011

    I love that quote of Molly’s. And I have that book on my ereader; I really need to read it. Happy New year, btw!

  2. December 31, 2011

    It’s a great book! Happy New Year!

  3. January 3, 2012

    Ole guapa!!:.

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