The 57 Best Shortcuts to Feeling Good of 2011

2011 was the year I found my calling. I discovered that all that matters in life is feeling good, because feeling good attracts good-feeling thoughts, which create good-feeling realities. My work here in physical reality is to figure out how to feel good, then design shortcuts to feeling good to make it easier for myself and everyone else. Over the past year I've found so many delicious methods for getting in a good mood and enjoying life, so I've collected them into one place for easy reference.

  1. Create a bucket list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket.
  2. Decide what you want your truths to be.
  3. Get a fresh start by choosing what thought patterns to leave behind and what you want to work towards.
  4. Define your morning ritual. Your first thoughts of the morning set the tone for the whole day.
  5. Decide what you want the story of your life to be.
  6. Think about what you want before each segment of your day.
  7. Be kind to other people no matter what, because that kindness will always be reflected back to you.
  8. Say yes to whatever is in your reality right now. Allow the gifts life wants to give you.
  9. When you're tired of directing your thoughts, listen to someone else's.
  10. Ask yourself, "Isn't this fun?!" If it isn't, you aren't in the Now.
  11. Ask people to do things for you in your head instead of out loud and they will do it without resisting and think it's their own idea.
  12. Practice loving yourself by listing 99 things you love about yourself.
  13. If you don't know how else to feel good, exercise. It always feels good.
  14. Meditate. Sit still for 15 minutes and allow your thoughts to slow. The less you think, the more peace you feel.
  15. Count silently to stop thinking negative thoughts.
  16. Make lists of all the abundance, synchronicities, comforts and conveniences in your life.
  17. Make art. Get messy. Allow the flow of life to guide your hand.
  18. Give whatever you have to give. It will always be returned to you 7-fold.
  19. Remember that life is just a trip. It's supposed to be fun and not serious.
  20. Practice the feeling of appreciation to attract more things to appreciate.
  21. Delete or archive any email or Facebook message you don't feel like answering. No one will take it personally.
  22. Surround yourself with mentors, muses and people who inspire you.
  23. Relax by listening to binaural beats.
  24. Play Astrojax! Play with flow toys! Play board games! Play with kids! Play anything you want, just play!
  25. Learn to love contrast. Contrast (experiences that make you feel bad) is the only way to ever know what you want.
  26. Cry. It always feels like relief. That feeling of relief attracts more experiences that produce the feeling of relief.
  27. If you catch yourself saying something negative, just say "nevermind" and never speak of it again.
  28. Make a website for the person you want to be. Write as if you are who you want to be. Take photos as if you are who you want to be. Write the most wonderful "About" page you can dream of. None of it has to be true. All it takes is to want it to be true, then practice thinking, feeling and acting like it's true. Eventually, it will be true.
  29. Join the School of Life Design Facebook group. Ask advice, give and receive support, and get new ideas for ways to feel good.
  30. Make a gratitude mind map.
  31. If you feel anything less than perfect, stop thinking.
  32. Laugh at nothing and attract funny thoughts.
  33. Move to Austin, Texas!
  34. While doing anything that requires careful detailing (like putting on makeup), say "I love you" to yourself while you're doing it.
  35. Let the flow of life guide you.
  36. Ask yourself what you want.
  37. Commit to being a life designer.
  38. Dye your hair rainbow!
  39. Remember that you are god!
  40. Understand the law of attraction.
  41. Do less.
  42. Keep practicing directing your thoughts, no matter how hard it seems. It gets easier every day.
  43. Face your fears. Fear is excitement with the brakes on.
  44. Whatever is bothering you, decide to let it go. Say "I'll think about that later" if it's too hard to say "I've let that go."
  45. Be your higher self.
  46. Learn to follow your emotional guidance system.
  47. Practice the feeling of knowing.
  48. Change your reality.
  49. Smile.
  50. Find your life philosophy.
  51. Treat others how you want to be treated.
  52. Take things off your to-do list.
  53. Do a Daily Self Love worksheet.
  54. Get in good mood by writing.
  55. Stop feeling self-conscious about being positive.
  56. Get over your crush.
  57. Renew your commitment to loving life. Life loves you!