Rainbow asks for what she wants and gets it with #gratitude

Rainbow asks for what she wants and gets it with #gratitude

Grateful to focus. Grateful to remember what I know. Grateful for my friends online who uplift me and inspire me and help me!! Grateful for Katja and Lynn.

Grateful to know how to release resistance. Grateful to learn how to play better every day. Grateful to iterate. Grateful to play AJ and meditate with my wife. Grateful to be a lifestreamer. It really helps.

Grateful for binaural beats that help me feel good. Grateful for things that help me.

Grateful to pay attention. Grateful to know. Grateful to practice. Grateful to know how to do this. Grateful to be brave and fearless and in the moment. Grateful to be ok with being here. Grateful to be feeling the joy of making the choice. Grateful to choose to me. Grateful to let it go, let it unfold.

Grateful for my site. Grateful for other people's sites. Grateful we went shopping. Grateful to trust. Grateful it's all adding up. Grateful our rent and bills are paid. Grateful for perfect health. Grateful for our patterns. Grateful for my precious kitties. Grateful to feel better. Grateful to feel better every day. Grateful to have so much fun. Grateful for my perfect wife.

I appreciate having time to write! I appreciate know that now that I've asked for something new, I know something new is on the way.

I appreciate knowing. I appreciate feeling light and playful. I appreciate feeling confident, light and playful all day, every day.

What do I want?
It sure can be a hard question to answer. Take the time.

To feel energized. To feel like I know what to do. To pay attention. To keep a full tank all night. To know what to do. To listen. To pay attention. To give my Self whatever it is I'm asking for. To be in the flow. To have fun. To be energized. To be energized AND able to sleep at my bedtime. To be naturally energized. To be energized because that's my natural state. To know what to do. To be inspired.

Jessica Mullen

Living the magick life.