Rainbow feels better with #gratitude

 2012 April 27
by jessica mullen   4 Comments 

So grateful to live a high-contrast life. So grateful for the things I get to learn every day. It’s so worth the price of a little discomfort!

So grateful to have new perspectives. So grateful to attract inspiration for a new worksheet! So grateful to be inspired to make a guided meditation! So grateful to find inspiring blogs to read! So grateful to be INTERESTED IN MY LIFE! So grateful to let go. So grateful to know the present is a line with no space, with no room for thoughts.

So grateful the rent and bills are paid with passive income. So grateful for generous donations. So grateful to be a successful businesswoman!! So grateful we get to meditate now! So grateful to be so powerful! SO grateful to be FEARLESS!

So grateful it’s getting easier and I feel better. So grateful to be here! Awake and alive! Happy and excited!

I appreciate catching up. I appreciate finding my flow. I appreciate feeling good.

Today I intend to make the best of it. Today I intend to be a witch. Today I intend to be interested in my reality!

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