Tuesday Tips: 10 Pictures of Positivity

 2012 October 23
by jessica mullen   1 Comment 

Welcome to Tuesday Tips, a weekly digest of positive thoughts. This week, Kelly and I made each tip into a mini art piece. Some are abstract, some are silly, but all of them speak more than a paragraph of text ever could. Share which tips you like best in the School of Life Design group and let us know how they’ve shifted your perspective this week.

1. Have fun! Don’t care!
Have Fun Don't Care

2. Put on your big girl panties.
Put on your big girl panties

3. Telepathy talks.
Telepathy Talks

4. Practice saying “I love you.”
Practice saying I love you

5. Think on purpose.
Think on purpose

6. For my next trick…
For my next trick...

7. Keep your eye on the wave.
Keep your eye on the wave

8. Join the wake-n-bake church of later day smokes.
Join the wake-n-bake church of later day smokes

9. Just enjoy it!
Just enjoy it!

10. Say it is true and it is.
Say it is true and it is.

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