Are Your Intentions Helping You or Hurting You?


These intentions help me to practice the feelings of inadequacy, shame, jealousy, judgement and dissatisfaction:
I intend to stop eating pizza and ice cream.
I intend to go on a 21 day juice fast.
I intend to stop picking at my body.
I intend to get on a normal sleep schedule.
I intend to stop using drugs.
I intend to stop drinking.
I intend to make more money.

These intentions help me to practice the feelings of ease, acceptance, peace and excitement:
I intend to let it unfold.
I intend to feel good no matter what.
I intend to love myself the way I am.
I intend to let myself have fun.
I intend to allow more love into my life.
I intend to be mad!

Intention is powerful because it helps you practice feeling a certain way. How you feel attracts your thoughts, which in turn create your reality.

Being aware of the feelings your intentions generate is the key to using intention to serve yourself and the greater good.

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5 thoughts on “Are Your Intentions Helping You or Hurting You?

  1. Hmm… interesting… it seems to me that you’re rejecting thoughts of self-improvement and self-love because they will cause you some temporary pain. Why are you so afraid of the pain? For me it’s something to be embraced as another part of my mortal experience — simply part of the path to something better and greater. For me all those thoughts help me practice the intentions of self-care, purpose and a life well-lived. Are you sure you’re not giving up what you want most for what you want now?

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