Good morning #gratitude

 2012 March 23
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Good morning! So grateful to be awake and alive! So grateful to be creating! So grateful it's the BNA judging! So grateful we get to go on a fun adventure! So grateful to be up so early! So grateful for my wife! So grateful for the massage I asked for and received! So grateful to be allowing well being.

Grateful for my perfect health. Grateful for my perfect wife. Grateful to be conscious and creating. Grateful to be counting. Grateful it's a $10k day! Grateful to be here. Grateful to be having a human experience as god. Grateful to remember my dreams. Grateful for my beautiful bed. Grateful for the flow. Grateful to be in the flow. Grateful to know I'm in the right place at the right time and I'm doing everything right.

I want this day to feel like massive success. Like I'm a radiating sun with people flocking to my warmth. Like I'm the star of a famous show. Like I'm on broadway. Like sitting upon a throne having everything handed to me. Like perfect timing. Like getting a $10,000 check. Like I'm playing a beautiful instrument with my thoughts. Like playing AJ for a huge audience. Like performing a magick show. Like being the playful universe. I want today to feel playful! Like flirting in 11th grade. Like sledding down huge hills. Like letting the flow through me and diamonds coming out.

Dear Jessica,
Congratulations, you're doing everything perfectly. You are so loved. You are so cared for. ALlow the universe to take your side. Allow the universe to bring you everything you desire. Allow yourself to feel loved and cherished. ALlow yourself to feel like you are the best!

Remember that nothing is serious and life is good. Remember it's whatever you want. Life is good. You are loved. Let's have fun!

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Good night #gratitude

 2012 March 22
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So grateful to choose focus over lazy thinking. So grateful to have counted to 18,300. So grateful to observe my reality and understand what's going on. So grateful to trust the flow. So grateful smiling always works. So grateful we get to go to the BNA judging tomorrow!!!

So grateful for salad for dinner, what a major manifestation. So grateful counting produces such amazing manifestations. So grateful for the Prana Yama app. So grateful to be able to breathe. So grateful to be overcoming my upper limit behavior of fearing I'll outshine others. So grateful everything is adding up. So grateful everything is going my way.

So grateful I played AJ! So grateful I got to have a drink and then stop. So grateful to be focused on me and feeling good. So grateful to know this is my dream and I can have whatever I want. So grateful to be conscious and aware of what's going on. So grateful for clarity. So grateful to know what I'm doing. So grateful the dream world is merging with waking life a little more every day. So grateful for premonitions!!

So grateful to feel confident. So grateful to be excited about my life. So grateful to choose to feel good. So grateful I get to hang out with amazing designers all day tomorrow. So grateful to learn to live in the Now. So grateful to choose to feel good. So grateful to choose light. So grateful I can just smile and everything works out.

So grateful I can turn my attention away from what I don't want. So grateful I don't take the bait. So grateful I have so many tools to help me. So grateful to be inspired! So grateful to hear my calling and heed it. So grateful to know what to do. So grateful to hear the flow. To be in the flow. To be the flow.

So grateful for my little friends at work. So grateful for gifts from theM! So grateful to get to spend my time with inspiring and uplifting and fun people. So grateful to be around children. So grateful to learn so much from them every day. So grateful to learn so much from my job every day! So grateful to know all about graphic design and printing processes and what's trendy.

So grateful to be me. So grateful to be choosing flow. So grateful for my kitties. So grateful for my wife. So grateful everything is adding up! So grateful to choose to be me. So grateful to just smile and everything works out. So grateful I know I get to choose my thoughts and emotions and reality. So grateful to be in power. So grateful to be going further than ever. So grateful to be stepping into the abyss and flying.

I want tonight to feel good. I want tonight to feel the best I've ever felt. I want tonight to feel like sunshine and laughter. I want to let it come to me. I want everything to feel better. I want Kelly to be nice to me. I want to be nice to myself. I want to love. I want to love no matter what. I want to feel love. I want to feel like I can shine without putting other people down or making them feel bad. I want to feel my best. I want to feel the flow.

I want to be in the Now and pay attention. I want to know what to do. I want to feel good. I want to feel my best. I want to let the flow through me. I want to allow wellbeing.

Dear Jessica,
You're doing everything right. Don't worry about a thing. Everything is just fine. Just let it go. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.

Keep smiling and projecting the vibration you want to receive. Love yourself and all of your reality. This is your creation, your responsibility, and your experience. There is only you, and there is only now. This is all for you. This was all made and put into place just for you. You're in the right place at the right time. Trust us.

Let it go. Let it go. Isn't it weird being a human? Isn't it weird being god in a human body? It's what you wanted. It's ok. It's not scary. It's not a big deal, it's just the only deal. It's ok. There's only now. It's ok. You're ok. Your reality is ok. Keep saying yes to the flow. Keep saying yes to feeling good. Keep saying yes.

Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. You are light, you are love, and you are the best. You know you are the best. You know you are the one. You are the one in this body, having this experience, creating this reality. This is all for you. Just relax and feel good. Relax and feel good. Let it go. Everything is ok. Just forget about it. Just forget. Let it go.

Congratulate yourself on how far you've come. You are so loved. You are so cared for. You even love yourself! You are ok. You are ok. This moment was made just for you. This moment is just for you. This moment, right now, is a gift you sent yourself. Learn from it. Savor it. Enjoy it. Play in it. It's fun! It's not serious! Let it roll off your back. It's easy. It's way easier than holding a grudge.

It's gone. We're so proud of you. You wanted to be able to shine without hurting others, this is your time. Just keep smiling. Just keep breathing. Just keep letting the good come to you. It's all for you. It's flowing! Let it keep going! It's all for you! You have released so much resistance. You are so perfect. Allow yourself to shine! Allow yourself to uplift! Allow yourself to be Rainbow Brite! You know it all! You shine light upon the whole world! You are the best! Allow yourself to be! Know WHO YOU ARE!!

Trust this now. Trust that everything is ok. Nothing is serious. It's just play. It's just your thoughts playing out in your reality. It's just everything adding up for you. Even Pwny wants to play!

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I am… (inspired by @npamani)

 2012 March 21
by jessica mullen   1 Comment 

Inspired by Nicole, I present you with

The Things I Am

A good sister
A perfect wife
A treasured daughter
A smiling friend
An experimental life designer
A leading edge thinker
A devoted kitty whisperer
A lucid dreamer
A conscious creator
An intuitive tarot reader
A flowing Astrojax player
A colorful leader
A playful graphic designer
An easygoing runner
An expert bicyclist
An experienced vegan chef
An educated writer
A practiced photographer
A brilliant artist
A joyful god
A limitless human
A trusting millionaire
A famous blogger
A bright public figure
A bridge to the next level
A fearless fish
A creative crafter
A knowing lover
A popular podcaster
A happy hooper
A loving lifestreamer
A dedicated meditator
A cool worksheet designer
A Texas Survival Goth outfit wear-er
A confident driver
A ballin party-er
An adventurous tripper
An evolver of consciousness
A grateful physical being

Now your turn!

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