Jessica Mullen

Daily Meditation – Get Addicted to a New Thought

Woohoo I’ve been sober from alcohol for 532 days! I’m still addicted to plenty of other things but it occurs to me that I could just get addicted to loving myself instead of all these substances and food and dopamine releases. Easier said than done but with a little practice things start lining up and I reach for things outside of myself less and less.

I go back and forth between being ONE HUNDRED PERCENT into silent counting as my idle mental state, and thinking “I LOVE MYSELF” as a mantra over and over. I now realize that silent counting is perfect for every feeling below “contentment” on the emotional scale, and for all the times I feel content or better, thinking “I love myself” has profound effect on my experience.

In conclusion, if you struggle with looking outside of yourself to feel good and you currently feel bored or worse, start counting silently in your head until you get to 100… or 1000… or 10,000. And then you’ll feel so much better and your focus will be so strong and you can think “I love myself” until your eyes roll back in your head with ecstasy. #summergoals!