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Channel Infinite Intelligence with Your Other Hand

The Big Picture
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I love channeling. To me, channeling is slowing my mind down enough to connect to infinite intelligence, and let it speak through me. I channel when I record my video meditations. I channel when I write myself "Dear Jessica" letters. When I stop thinking and let life do the talking, there is only truth.

Today my big announcement is that I've picked up a new form of channeling! I started reading The Power of Your Other Hand, which is aptly subtitled, "A Course in Channeling the Inner Wisdom of the Right Brain". This book is mind-blowing!

The premise is that the non-dominant hand holds all of our deep dark secrets. Everything associated with the left hand is considered weak, wrong, shameful, passive, and untrained. Which makes it the perfect place to ask about our troubles!

You can write a question with your dominant hand, and then answer it with the non-dominant. If you're having a health problem, use the non-dominant hand to speak for the problem. It will tell you everything!

I was mega-excited when I realized I could address the contrast in my life with left-hand channeling, but when I started drawing with my left hand a whole new world opened up.

When drawing with my left hand, I am transported instantly to the Now. My thoughts stop. And I can connect instantly to my higher self--the version of me who already knows all there is to know.

As I draw, my right-brain, or higher self, talks to me. My right hand wants to hurry. It's so impatient. It wants to take the pencil from my left and slap it. But my left hand will say, "You're so impatient. Just slow down and let me show you something." And then it reveals a spectacular image that I had not preconceived--it just comes out!

I can't speak highly enough for creating with your non-dominant hand. You simply must try it yourself. Also, using your non-dominant hand for activities you normally do with your dominant hand is a great way to be in the Now too! Try brushing your teeth or eating with the non-dominant hand. It's complete beginner's mind!

The image above I began with my right hand. I wanted to create something that reminded me to focus on the big picture. I wrote "The Big Picture" and "Just Listen" with my right hand. Then I started drawing circles and remembered to use my left hand. The beautiful drawing that emerged was topped off with the only big picture message I needed to remember: "Just don't worry!"

Have Fun Don't Care

Tuesday Tips: 10 Pictures of Positivity

Welcome to Tuesday Tips, a weekly digest of positive thoughts. This week, Kelly and I made each tip into a mini art piece. Some are abstract, some are silly, but all of them speak more than a paragraph of text ever could. Share which tips you like best in the School of Life Design group and let us know how they've shifted your perspective this week.

1. Have fun! Don't care!
Have Fun Don't Care

2. Put on your big girl panties.
Put on your big girl panties

3. Telepathy talks.
Telepathy Talks

4. Practice saying "I love you."
Practice saying I love you

5. Think on purpose.
Think on purpose

6. For my next trick...
For my next trick...

7. Keep your eye on the wave.
Keep your eye on the wave

8. Join the wake-n-bake church of later day smokes.
Join the wake-n-bake church of later day smokes

9. Just enjoy it!
Just enjoy it!

10. Say it is true and it is.
Say it is true and it is.

flower of life closeup

Free Worksheet PDF: the Flower of Life Design Template

flower of life closeup

In school, graphic designers are highly encouraged to use a grid to lay out their designs. Grids keep everything organized and aligned. I've never been one to measure out a grid before designing—my grid tends to evolve organically and changes often. I had yet to find a grid that felt fun to design within, until I discovered sacred geometry.

Sacred geometry is the geometry of life. All of life fits within this system of shapes, which all go back to a single circle. You can watch the video below for more information.

One of the patterns in sacred geometry is called the flower of life. Any 3d object found in this reality can be drawn within this pattern.

I've been looking for inspiration for my website redesign lately, and it occurred to me to use the flower of life pattern as a grid for my layout. I created this template and allowed my hand to wander.

flower of life design template flat art

The experience of drawing on this grid was transformational to say the least. It felt like the ultimate grid. By connecting the centers of circles, following only my intuition and no plan, I was able to come up with incredible ideas for my site layout that were super fun to discover.

flower of life scan

Approaching visual problems within this framework allows for divine solutions. Not only that, but tracing designs on top of this pattern will free your mind up to find any solution you may be looking for. Working with sacred geometry is a spiritual art, because it opens one up to the patterns of life, which allows answers to flow.

Below you can download a free PDF worksheet of the flower of life design pattern to draw your own solutions. Ask the grid a question and allow your hand to provide the answer. Enjoy!

Click here to download the Flower of Life Design Template

Pro tip: When you print it, make sure you click "scale to fit page".