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Lifestreaming Is a Life Design Methodology


Saturday night Kelly and I were going to walk to 7-11 for a frozen pizza.

We've been upping our health game lately, so we've been counting calories and eating less, but our fondness for pizza knows no bounds.

Pizza was going to put us way over budget, but we were giving in. We were hungry.

Then I started playing Astrojax. I found myself actually having fun playing, so much that I wanted to record a video to see my progress.

The video was aight. But I did notice that my arms look slimmer. And so do my legs.

So a few minutes later when Kelly said, "You ready to go?" I said, "Don't you just want to go to bed? I watched my video and I looked slimmer. I can't fuck with that."

We didn't go. That is why lifestreaming is a life design methodology. It's just a mirror. If you can see it, you can measure it. If you can measure it, you can manage it. If you manage it, you change.

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The Sexiest Fashion Accessory for 2012


On December 30, 2010, I was introduced to an odd little toy comprised of three balls on a string—Astrojax. I was in a state of consciousness that had my mind cracked wide open, and I was able to have something resembling a conversation with the toy as I explored it for the first time. It didn't speak to me in words, but instead communicated with my body. As I began swinging the toy around in a circular motion (otherwise known as a wheely), I felt like the answers to the mysteries of the universe were being downloaded into my hands.

Invented by physicist Larry Shaw in 1987, Astrojax is a toy that demonstrates the way things work. They explain the flow of the universe to your body. I talk about flow a LOT, and before I played with Astrojax I didn't even know what flow was! I can describe it in words as "perfect timing" or "synchronous co-creation with god", but the flow is really something you can only understand when you feel it.

Everyone experiences flow in some manner, even if they aren't aware of it. Athletes and musicians feel flow when they perform. To flow is to play in harmony with the universe. You feel it in your body when you flow. Everything is on beat, and your body acts without thinking about it. In the flow, time flies by in an instant. In the flow, you don't care about anything else because the present moment is so fun. Cashiers feel it during busy hours. Writers feel it when they get in their writing zone. Artists feel it as they paint. Programmers feel it when they code.

The reason why Astrojax is such a significant technology is because it gives you access to that flow state instantly. Every single person I have ever introduced Astrojax to "gets it" immediately. They pick up the toy, at first intimidated because they worry they won't be able to do it. But everyone can do the first move, and as soon as they get the balls spinning, they feel the flow.

Reactions range from "wow, that's actually fun!" to "I could really use this to relax". Children get particularly obsessed, and some people get a little freaked out by how deep the experience is. Some people simply walk away with a smile on their faces, and highly conscious people tend to buy a set on the spot. The difference is that the highly conscious recognize the feeling of flow and are excited to have an instant portal to the state.

But Astrojax = sexy?!

When I first started playing in public, I felt like the biggest weirdo ever. I felt silly and a little awkward, because most people had never even seen Astrojax before and I wasn't exactly demonstrating mad skills. But it just felt so good to play, and since feeling good is the only thing that really matters in life, I decided it was worth it to look like a freak. I mean, how much weirder can I look anyway?

Instead of turning me into a freak, Astrojax reminded me how to play. That's what flow is—playing with the universe. And you know what one of the sexiest qualities in a person is? Playfulness! Don't you love it when people joke and laugh and don't take things seriously? Isn't it attractive when people look like children because they're having too much fun to be self-conscious? That is why Astrojax is sexy. Haha, not that Astrojax turns you into a sexy kid, but it makes you light-hearted again. It makes you want to dance. It relaxes you and tell you secrets. It reminds you of everything good you knew as a child. Astrojax whispers the meaning of life to your body, and your mind will delight in trying to keep up.

How do I get Astrojax?

If you're ready for a more playful 2012, you can support Kelly and me by purchasing Astrojax through our store, or you can find them on Amazon. Kelly and I are the only vendors in Austin, so if you are local and want a set today, you can place an order for pickup. Astrojax make a great gift for children and ravers, and adults love them too if you remind them how to play.


Proving Flow Arts Are Psychokinetic

thank you Angela Wolf!

I write articles to install new beliefs. I start with a concept I am certain of, then find thoughts that act as bridges to a concept I want to be certain of. It's a way to prove to myself that the new concept is believable, and thus true.

The concepts I want to believe come to me intuitively through life experience, but to put them into practice I have to convince my logical self. Today I am introducing a new type of article on this site: the proof! The proof consists of a problem, given facts, and a list of statements and reasons they are true. It's a concise way to explain my ideas and should help you make the same connections I did to get from there to here.

Today's proof is inspired by what I learned Saturday at Fluid Hoop Groove class with master hula hoopers Ciara Blossom and Caterina Suttin!

thank you Mimibug Photography!!


Flow (as defined by the Flow Temple): the state of optimal experience that occurs when your body, mind, and spirit are in dynamic balance. It's what's happening when the Now is so compelling that everything else fades away. Ego and fear dissolve in the perfect moment, time slows down, and whatever you’re doing becomes a meditation.

Flow arts (as defined by the Flow Temple): the practice of learning to move in harmony with an inanimate object so that it becomes an animated extension of your body, then flow with it in ways that look and feel totally awesome. With enough practice, you can learn to flow with almost anything. Staffs, hoops, batons and even spheres all make wonderful dance partners and teachers once you've grasped each tool's unique dynamics. The basic techniques are easy to pick up, but the adaptations are infinite, allowing for wide variation in personal style and expression.

Psychokinesis: the ability to influence physical reality with thoughts in real time.

Resistance: negative thoughts.

Your vibration: the average of all the thoughts you think.

The Problem

Given that everything is vibration (wave-particle duality), and given that like attracts like (the Law of Attraction), prove that flow arts are psychokinetic.

Statements Reasons
1. Everything is vibration. Given.
2. You interpret and emit vibration. You were born with senses to interpret and thoughts to emit.
3. Like attracts like. Given.
4. Your physical reality is a reflection of the vibration you emit. Your vibration attracts similar vibrations, which you interpret as physical experiences.
5. Flow is the optimal vibration to emit. In the flow state, your vibration is resistance-free and you are free to be you.
6. Without resistance in your vibration, you have no limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are only resistant thoughts that you think a lot.
7. Flow arts are psychokinetic. Without limiting beliefs telling you what you can't do, your thoughts can influence reality in real time.

Why is this proof important?

Your entire perceived reality is a direct result of your thoughts. When you practice flow arts, you witness that relationship in real time. As you develop your skill in the flow arts, you begin living more of your life in real time. Eventually your entire life becomes a "flow art" and reality becomes more like a lucid dream: think about what you want and it manifests immediately–a pretty sweet reason to start flowing more!

Start flowing now!

Astrojax was my gateway drug to the flow arts. Astrojax, or attached juggling (AJ), is three balls on a string that you really have to play with yourself to "get", although you can learn a great deal from watching other people play. Compared to other flow arts like poi and hooping, AJ might be the easiest to start, because you can play in small spaces and with minimal physical effort. AJ also has a great learning curve, meaning the difficulty increases at the same rate as your skill. As soon as you pick up AJ you'll be able to do the most basic trick (the vertical orbit) within seconds. From there, it's up to you to create the next move.

Astrojax are my favorite flow toy so far. I guarantee they will put you into flow immediately! If you want to purchase some for yourself, start with the Pluses, which are lightweight and made out of rubbery material that doesn't hurt when you hit yourself in the face. You might want to pick up a set of Aquas (which are heavier and water filled) too–they move a little slower and are a very satisfying weight. The Saturns and Blue Diamonds are light-up LED Astrojax that are PERFECT for nighttime performance, raves and spiritual adventures.

My first hooping class Saturday with Ciara and Caterina of SpunShine gave me a complete consciousness upgrade. Hooping requires more space and strength than Astrojax, but the full body workout is extremely invigorating. Hooping almost feels like being Astrojax–my body is the string and hoops are the balls!

To get started with hooping, you can purchase an inexpensive hoop from a toy store. If your new hoop is weighted with water (which helps give you momentum when spinning around your waist), Caterina recommends pulling apart the hoop and emptying out the water to make advanced movements much easier. You can also buy beautiful hoops of all kinds from SpunShine if you decide to take up the art.

thank you Mimibug Photography!!

Flow arts pro tip!

The most important thing to remember about flow arts is that you are only as good as your mood. Approach your practice with an open mind, positive thoughts and playfulness. Once you get a taste of flow, an entire universe of possibility will burst into your reality. Think about what you want to gain from your practice and in no time it will be yours.

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i walk the line | a lullaby for january…

I am so grateful this day was the best I've ever had. I'm so grateful law of attraction replaces self discipline, for real. I'm so grateful that even though I am totally drained physically and mentally, I am expecting incredible things to flow tomorrow. I am receptive and listening and flowing like never before! I'm so grateful that my job is to be an artist. I'm so grateful that I don't have to separate art and design to make a living. I'm so grateful I get to spend my time doing photoshoots and playing with AJs.

I'm so grateful Kelly inspired me to write this post. I'm so grateful that even though I'm exhausted I still take the time to keep my vibration high before sleep. I'm so grateful we got to play with AJs today. I'm so grateful I get better every day. I love the feeling of relief I feel every time I play. I'm so grateful I am able to walk the line between total weirdo and trend-spotting academic. I'm grateful I had years of therapy. I'm grateful for each step of my journey to where I am now. I'm grateful for pink hair and CARS and boxes of Astrojax supplies. I'm grateful for even more new friends at the Y. I'm grateful I'm learning to travel in my dreams.

I'm grateful we ran our miles today. The law of attraction really does replace self discipline! Kel and I were taking a nap, just about to oversleep past the time we could get our run done at the Y, when my dad called. We made it to the Y in time and finished running at 5 til 10... and stretched in the parking lot lol. I'm so grateful for the Y. I'm so grateful we worked on the podcast today! I'm so grateful we're almost done with 322. I love working on the podcast. I love that our episodes improve every time.

why yes

10 things I loved about today

  • I ran my 5 miles even though I was super sore from Body Pump
  • I published an article I loved
  • We meditated! It was blissful! Meditation really does bring peace! It keeps anger away like a magick potion
  • We made browniecakes, the newest technology in vegan dessert ^_^
  • I wear my pocketbelt as my purse to the Y now. It goes great with my "athletic trousers". They may be referred to as yoga pants, I am not sure. Anyway, I am totally overhauling my style to be gymnastics/wearable tech influenced. Tight black pants and tanks plus glowing accessories ^_^
  • I took a nap instead of drinking coffee, a major win!
  • I got a GREAT idea about the mailing list inspired by an email from a reader. Details to come.
  • We have two new friends at the Y, it's so fun to get to know everyone.
  • Kerri dropped off a book I had on hold at the library! I can't WAIT to read it - ADD MORE ing TO YOUR LIFE: A Hip Guide to Happiness
  • New idea: I'm going to start making Astrojax iron-on shirts. Yaaaaay.

of course

Message from Clair

Find more time to rest. Sleep when it feels delicious, you need it. Sleeping connects you to your source and recharges you, and you can never be charged enough. If you go through a period of sleeping a lot, embrace it-it is your self preparing for a change.

and so on


Astrojax and the meaning of life

Astrojax is a tool for the mind that teaches the laws of the universe. Astrojax began as a toy, described as a combination between lasso, yo-yo and juggling.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with the inventor of Astrojax, Larry Shaw, who says Astrojax is similar to hooping and poi. We discussed how Astrojax is a breakthrough technology for play and creativity. From Larry's profile on the Astrojax forum:

Astrojax is extraordinary in its "free dimensionality." AJ can be played like an instrument, danced with like a tune, used as a wand for creation of motion.

And with an instrument of creativity, joy, and self-expression comes acceptance of self and acceptance of others. The Astrojax philosophy, as I see it, is the extension of such positives (creativity, play, acceptance, etc.) to the world at large.

It's really, really fun to play with Astrojax. Remember what play feels like? I hadn't even realized I forgot. Play feels really good. And y'all know how important feeling good is ;)

My favorite thing about Astrojax is that it is a tool for positive thinkers. It's a thought illustrator; it makes you aware of your thoughts. Tie yourself up in negative thoughts while playing and you tie your string in knots. Banish the negative thoughts? The string unknots itself. It's a simple way to prove to yourself that your thoughts are affecting physical reality.

Astrojax is a tool for creative people. In our post-industrial economy, ideas have the most value. Astrojax helps ideas flow and builds confidence in one's uniqueness. I wrote this article playing with some. They keep my mind running like a well-oiled, one-of-a-kind engine.

Astrojax is a tool for activists and spiritualists. It teaches you how to not care about what others think. It teaches you an active state of meditation. Inner peace. Consciousness. Awareness. Mindfulness.

Astrojax is a tool for body. It develops hand-eye coordination and sensitivity to rhythm. Practice horizontal orbits and improve your dancing. Practice vertical orbits and experience the rhythm of gravity.

Astrojax helps you allow your body do what it knows how to do, without interference of negative thought, just like gymnastics, surfing, or playing an instrument. Astrojax is unique because it has an extremely low barrier to entry and a good learning curve. The challenge increases equally with your skill.

Astrojax helps you get better at letting go. And letting go is how to jump in the flow of well-being that is natural to all of us.

Astrojax is a tool for everyone. As we were saying goodbye, Larry said "welcome". Now I'm happy to say the same to you. Welcome to the evolution of human consciousness. The power of your thoughts is real. Astrojax is proof.

Kelly says everything is an indicator of the evolution of human consciousness. Astrojax just happens to be a really bright one, flashing LED lights before our eyes.

Let's play!

If you'd like to try Astrojax yourself, check out my toy store. The Aquas are my favorite, the Blue Diamonds are beautiful at night, and I'm hoping to try out a set of Pluses soon!

The Astrojax forum is really active and full of creative geniuses who can answer any Astrojax question you might have.

Here is a video about how to start playing.

And this is someone who has been playing for 8 years.

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Create your own excitement

If you constantly look for things to be excited about, excitement will follow you everywhere. Looking for exciting ideas, things, places, people and events keeps your vibration (i.e., emotion) high while allowing you to let go of your old desires so they can manifest.

blue diamond pet
If you only focus on ONE thing you're excited about (but that you're not 100% sure it will happen), then you keep the vibration of it not yet existing alive. When your vibration is about lacking something, the universe will keep bringing you more feelings of lack.

more pets
That's why being tied to a certain physical manifestation can be disappointing. If you focus on the physical manifestation of what you want, rather than the feeling you desire, then you are perpetuating a feeling of want, and the universe will let you keep wanting.

more ajs
If you are able to constantly move on to new desires, finding more and more ideas to get excited about (each and every moment!), then the old desires you have let go (therefore deactivating the feeling of lack) will have no choice but to manifest in your physical experience!

Recently I've been making a list of 11 things I'm excited about every day. When an idea comes to me that makes me feel really excited, I add it to the list. This helps me to remember to actively focus on looking for excitement throughout the day.

ajs goin CRAZY
I'm just as excited about keeping the list as I am adding to it, so I think it's a keeper! Give it a shot and let me know how it works for you!

Thanks to VJ Decay for the mad AJ skills!

Happy New Year! My Goals for 2011

new year 2010
I love to spend New Year's Eve doing whatever I want more of in the coming year. Last year we spent New Year's cooking in Florida with Kelly's family. This year we'll be playing with toys!


My goals for 2011!

  • FUN
  • PLAY
  • TOYS

vision board

We've taken down everything on our vision board to start with fresh ideas for 2011.

vision board book


I've emptied my goals frame, and put a refreshing, generic wallpaper on my phone.


I am an empty vessel, allowing exciting new thoughts to fill me!

What 2011 will look like


My aesthetic direction for the new year is CUTE and LITTLE.




The first things to play with of the year are skitterbots:


And ASTROJAX! Astrojax are the most incredible thing that's ever entered my life. They're like a combination of gymnastics and jewelry-making. Expect to see a lot more about them!


Happy new year my loves! Let's have fun!