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Seed of Life

Tuesday Tips: 7 Ways to Be On Top of…

Seed of Life

Last week I auditioned to be a kickboxing instructor. Preparing for this event was beyond stressful. I have complete confidence in my mind and creativity, and have no problem performing at traditional job interviews. But at this audition, I was putting my physical body up for judgement. Was I slim enough? Did I kick my leg at the right angle? Should I be smiling, or snarling? Despite my worries, I ended up having a great time, and it was way easier than I thought it would be. While I haven't yet heard if I made it or not, I am so proud of myself for trying. Here are a few things that helped me believe in myself, relax and do my best.


1. Put on your sunglasses.
My friends and I were relaxing on a patch of grass on campus. A man came up to us and asked if he could freestyle for us. He requested a word from each of us (twilight, button, and exorcist), then started rapping with them. When his flow stuttered, he paused to put on his sunglasses. "When my eyes are closed, I can see a picture painted by your words. Then the words just flow." Sunglasses are my new favorite creative tool!


2. Try this mantra: "I live this moment fully as it is without needing it to be different."
I found this idea in How to Wake Up: A Buddhist-Inspired Guide to Navigating Joy and Sorrow. Last week, in the days leading up to my audition, an old knee injury started acting up. I spent a lot of time making peace with what was, and this mantra really helped me put things in perspective.

3. Have a knee injury? Check your ego.
According to Louise Hay, knee injuries are related to pride and ego. I had been stressed about how people were going to perceive me at my audition, and knew the injury was directly related to my thoughts about myself. Louise suggests the mantra, "I am flexible and flowing," which helped me release attachment to a specific outcome. Low and behold, the instant my audition was over, my knee felt 100% better.

4. Try this mantra: "I love miracles!"
This past weekend was my friend Emily's birthday, and I really wanted to spend some time with her. But our schedules just weren't going to allow it. I had friends in town, and she was busy with her own celebrations. I let my desire go and trusted I would get to see her eventually. Sunday afternoon, as Kelly and I walked our bikes down Barton Springs Road, we saw Emily and two other friends walking towards us. I SCREAMED with delight. The universe brought us together with zero effort on our part. It was a miracle! Wanting to plant a seed from the experience to grow more like it, I thought, "I love miracles!" The more I placed my focus on the thought, the more miracles I started seeing everywhere.


5. Just have fun!
The day before my audition, I got a Facebook message from one of my instructors at the gym. She wished me luck, and reminded me, "Just have fun!" I remembered that fun was the whole reason I wanted to try out in the first place. Remembering to be light and playful helped me enjoy the experience no matter what the outcome.

6. Try this mantra: "I've decided to feel good about that. It'll work itself out."
So my knee was hurting, I was nervous about transportation to the audition, and my anxiety levels were through the roof. Just in the nick of time, I got a pingback from Jesslyn Littlepage, reminding me of this mantra. Every time I thought of my audition, I said to myself, "I've decided to feel good about my audition. It'll work itself out." Kelly told me to make it into a game. "The less you think about it, the better," she said. And what do you know, it worked itself out.


7. Prepave.
Neale Donald Walsch suggests, "Choose a State of Being (Happy, Compassionate, Wise, Caring, Creative, Considerate, Forgiving, etc) in advance of each approaching moment." When you set intentions before entering a segment of your life, you're on the lookout for evidence that your intentions are manifesting. What you focus on, expands.


Are Your Intentions Helping You or Hurting You?


These intentions help me to practice the feelings of inadequacy, shame, jealousy, judgement and dissatisfaction:
I intend to stop eating pizza and ice cream.
I intend to go on a 21 day juice fast.
I intend to stop picking at my body.
I intend to get on a normal sleep schedule.
I intend to stop using drugs.
I intend to stop drinking.
I intend to make more money.

These intentions help me to practice the feelings of ease, acceptance, peace and excitement:
I intend to let it unfold.
I intend to feel good no matter what.
I intend to love myself the way I am.
I intend to let myself have fun.
I intend to allow more love into my life.
I intend to be mad!

Intention is powerful because it helps you practice feeling a certain way. How you feel attracts your thoughts, which in turn create your reality.

Being aware of the feelings your intentions generate is the key to using intention to serve yourself and the greater good.

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Tuesday Tips: 7 Water Wings to Keep Your Spirits…

I am free! by Kelly Cree
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Welcome to Tuesday Tips, a weekly gathering of positive thoughts for your collection. This week I have some notable quotables helping me keep my head above water. I may have jumped in the deep end, but I'm getting a great swimming lesson!


1. "I dont do a post now unless I'm worried about what people will think about me."
Advice from James Altucher to Kamal Ravikant in Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It. Lately every time I post another article before telling Kelly, she gasps. She's all, "Omg, what did you do now?!" That's how I know I'm getting better at writing.

2. "I know attention creates, so my #1 intention is to pay attention to what I want more of." ~ Kelly Cree
Your most valuable resource isn't money, it's your attention. When you PAY attention, you're giving value to. You're literally investing in it, making it part of your portfolio. If you want stock in it, keep thinking about it. Otherwise think about something else. From now on, I will only give my attention to funny jokes, cute animals, pretty girls, and cold hard cash.


3. Instead of thinking, say a mantra to yourself over and over and over.
Using a mantra creates a channel in your mind for the rest of your thoughts to follow. Try one of these:

  • It's working!
  • I live the magick life.
  • I have plenty.
  • I know I'm free.
  • I love and accept myself exactly the way I am.
  • I love my now exactly the way it is.
  • I love myself.


4. "Even as the stone of the fruit must break, that its heart may stand in the sun, so must you know pain." ~ Kahlil Gibran
Your incredible pain is creating incredible joy. It's all part of the process. Now click the link to read the rest of that poem because it will make your day!

5. "Everything happens for me, not to me." ~ Byron Katie
Enjoy the contrast—that's how you get out of it. Only contrast helps you know what you want! It's pulling your desires through you. Bless the contrast you experience, because it's creating the solution you desire. Every single time I remember, "Oh yeah, I'm supposed to like the hard times," I find a way to make peace and the situation resolves itself.


6. Meditate.
Here's a great technique: "Try the following exercise first with your eyes open & then repeat it with your eyes closed. Take a deep breath, hold it and notice the sensations as your heart beats three times, relax & breath out — repeat 3X. Breathe in and out slowly to a count of 4, as you do so notice how your body feels — relaxed & warm."

7. "There is only one question in Life that is truly important: How does what I am doing right now serve the agenda of my Soul?" ~ Neal Donald Walsch
The soul likes laughing and loving and playing, so let's go!

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I’m Going to Rehab

Art by Kelly Cree

In response to my embarrassing coming out story, Jered Schue asked me what I'm going to do to change. What am I going to promise to myself? Obviously I got myself into this predicament, I can get myself out.

Budgeting? Not my style. Cutting up my credit cards? Tempting, but too complicated for me to even think about right now (although I still haven't used one since April 4. Huge deal.)

I let the question sit for days, and asked for the answer to come in meditation. I know that taking action isn't the answer, so it would have to be actions I could stop taking. Stop doing. Let go of.

It just came to me while meditating about half an hour ago. For 30 days, beginning Monday April 15, I'm going to rehab. Jessica Mullen's School of Life Design Rehab for Thought, Drug, Alcohol, and Credit Card Addicts.

1. Straightedge, baby!
Someone actually emailed me suggesting I "might go sober." My first thoughts: no way! Too simple! I like having fun! People who don't drink don't have any crazy stories!

Then she says "HOT DAMN it's so radical and lovely to be even caffeine free" and I know she's right. She reminds me of my therapist I loved so dearly.

Drugs have shown me so much, but I do want to get "there" naturally. I want ecstasy without the E. I want to feel one with the universe without DMT. I want to feel so proud of myself for being so brave without the mushrooms. I want to feel carefree and fun without the alcohol. I want to feel in awe of life without weed. I want to know the big picture while dead sober. That's true power.

2. 15 minutes of seated meditation every day, no excuses.
So... I took a few months off meditating because I was too busy having fun. Life got good, and I coasted. But as Kamal Ravikant talks about in Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It, you still have to do the work when you feel good. That's what keeps the good times rolling.

This is an easy habit to get back into. Meditating is fun and exquisitely rewarding.

3. Eat vegetarian. Eeeease back into vegan.
I just stopped caring. I had too many drunken cheeseburgers to eat. But I know I feel better when I'm not eating flesh.

4. Say "I love myself" to myself all day, every day.
Everything else is way too stressful to think about right now.

5. Take my own advice.
Mainly I want to do my own worksheets every day because they work so well. In a perfect world, I would do a Daily Planner, a Daily Self Love, a Gathering Momentum, a Universal Order Form, a Life Story, a Flower of Life Design Template, and a Practice the Feeling of Abundance worksheet every day. Well fuck it then, I'll print out a 30 day supply, make little packets for each day, and see where it takes me. I commit.

That's it and that's all. I'll keep doing my other regular work—Tuesday Tips, Daily Meditations, and my newsletter.

This is a killer experiment. I didn't even ask Kelly if she wants to do it with me yet. I have to commit before telling anyone or I'll care too much what they think. I gotta do what I gotta do. I'm doing me.

But first, I'm going to have to finish this bottle of vodka. Cheers!

Ask and it is given

Tuesday Tips: 9 Nuggets to Nix Negativity

Ask and it is given
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Welcome to Tuesday Tips, the ultimate positive thinking resource. This week I'm keeping it simple. The synopsis? Say yes, take risks, you're already awesome, the money's on the way, stop thinking, give joy, say I love you, and meditate to find all the answers. Easy!


1. Say yes.
Saying yes has never not worked out in my favor.

2. Take risks.
"If you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will learn to be wise." ~ Ryan Plesko

3. Say you're awesome and you'll do something awesome.
My 9-year-old friend Janie was going around declaring "I'm awesome!" "Heck yeah you are!" I agreed with her. A few minutes later she organized an enormous DVD collection and cleared out a cubby for me to use as a desk when I'm at her house. It was truly awesome. Not only that, but a couple days earlier her mom had expressed her desire of having her DVD collection organized. Everyone got something they wanted, and Janie continues to be awesome.


4. Think of money as a girl.
If you're good at relationships, you can apply what you know to money. Don't chase it! Let it come to you!

5. Change your perspective on wealth.
"Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants." ~ Epictetus

6. If you can't think something nice, don't think anything at all.
Count in your head, meditate, or go to sleep.


7. Make your mission to GIVE joy.
Brian Johnson advises, "Imagine a life in which we seek to GIVE joy. A life in which we enter relationships to GIVE joy. A life in which we work to GIVE joy."

8. Just say I love you.
Even if it's just in your head. Say it to everything! It'll kill you to do it to the stuff you don't like, but if you can love what you don't like, nothing can ever hurt you! And say I love you to all the unsung heroes in your reality: your dashboard widgets, your floorboards, your printer, your bed. The texture of your walls, the used napkin from lunch, your cat purring. All of it wants love, and you have an infinite supply.


9. Meditate, then ask your creative self for a solution.
Jon Ray reminded me of this one. David Lynch does this too. Quiet your mind and ask for the solution to come to you. As soon as you relax, it'll be right in front of you.

What's got you fired up?

Post what tips work for you in the School of Life Design. What have you learned this week? What epiphanies have you had? What keeps you smiling? We'd love to hear your story.

Life loves you.

Everything’s Working Out!

Life loves you.
Art by Kelly Cree

Sharing my financial story this weekend helped me let go of a lot of negative emotions. And it also helped me practice the feeling of relief. Once I opened up and stopped hiding from my fears (what would they think of me if they knew?!), solutions started falling into place.

I'm writing now to tell you how everything is working itself out. I have never been more excited to be alive, and I have my contrast to thank!

Since releasing my fears and beginning to look for evidence of what I want ("I have plenty! I already have everything I need! It's working! Life is taking care of me! I live the magick life!"), I've found countless examples of life conspiring to help me:

  • I finally received notice that the $5000 check I'm waiting on is being processed today!
  • Dozens of people extended their kindness and support after reading my posts. My close friends offered to help me in any way they could. I have never felt more loved.
  • I found $137 in a PayPal account I haven't checked in a while!
  • Kelly had $8 in her PayPal account!
  • We found some gift certificates we can put on eBay!
  • I sold $40 worth of Astrojax and got a $10 donation!
  • My friends fed me for lunch today!
  • Our friend invited us over to share a bottle of wine last night!
  • We've meditated every day since last Sunday!
  • I found penny on the ground!
  • I saw a brand new Tesla driving next to me. It was so new the guy was still peeling cellophane off his visor mirror!
  • I received SO much positive feedback on my Daily Meditations!

When I decide to look for evidence of what I want, it always comes. I have to make the decision in every moment, but all it takes is practice.

confidence conquers doubt defeats

My Story Continues… $ Cash Only $

confidence conquers doubt defeats
Art by Kelly Cree

Thank you everyone who replied to my last article. I am so grateful for your support and your uplifting messages. You are helping me so much!

I said that following my bliss would be to stop using my credit cards, so here I am. I haven't used a credit card since Thursday. I feel like a drug addict. I could go back to using it at any moment. But the bill for one of my cards is due the 13th. It's for $324. On the to-do list this week: make $324.

I have a $5000 check on the way from a client job, and as you can imagine, receiving that check is on my mind. It would really help out this week!

Also, I may have failed to mention, but I am going on vacation to Cabo San Lucas in less than 2 weeks.

Experience Over Security
Yeah I put those plane tickets on a Discover card. And yeah Discover cut my credit off shortly thereafter. Thank you for the intervention, Discover. You are helping me focus.

Where Am I Going?
I am shaking as I write this. I am so ashamed of my behavior! And taking the time to realize I feel ashamed is a lot more helpful than burying my head in the sand any longer.

The Emotional Math Problem
Since I feel ashamed, the logical thing to do would be to practice the opposite emotion. *Looks up opposite emotion on the What's Your Solution? worksheet.*

Shame is close to guilt, insecurity and unworthiness. That's pretty low on the totem poll! But I don't have to think about how I got here or what anyone thinks about me being here. I just have to do the work to raise my emotional vibration. Just like putting gas in the car. My confidence may be low, but I know how to fill it up.

My homework

Practice feeling the opposite emotions of shame: knowing and freedom. How do you feel knowing and freedom? What makes your confidence soar? What are you absolutely certain about? What does it feel like to be free?

I know when I'm tripping. I know what an open mind feels like. I know life is much deeper than the superficial motions I go through every day. I know I'm on the verge of greatness. I know life loves me, I've felt it before.

I know I'm brave for doing this. I know I'm doing my best in every moment. I know releasing my guilt and shame will help me feel better. I know my mood is the only thing that matters. I know I'm inspired.

I'm free to make any choice I want. I'm free to live my life how I want to live it, without caring about what anyone else thinks. I'm free to live my life as I please, even if it doesn't make other people happy. I'm free to be myself. I'm free to not care about what you think. I'm free of anything holding me back. I'm free, like jumping on a trampoline or flying in a dream. I'm free like swimming in the middle of lake. I'm free to go anywhere and do anything I want. Nothing is holding me back.

I'm confident when I make websites. It's so easy for me. It's effortless to install software and edit php and google about WordPress. It's easy to see missing semincolons or quotes. It's easy to fix things. It's easy to understand what's going on. I know my way around a webhost. I know how to edit a database.

I'm confident when I make art and visual designs. I'm confident that every creative thing that comes out of my fingers is beautiful. I'm confident that even if I don't understand my own art, it's valuable and important. I'm confident that I always do my best creatively. I'm confident that I am effortlessly creative all day, every day.

I'm confident that my creativity and positivity are related. I'm confident that I know how to play with the universe. I'm confident I know what I'm doing. I'm confident in the value of my creations.

I am absolutely certain that this life is just for fun. I am absolutely certain that nothing really matters in the big picture. I am absolutely certain that life does want me to thrive. I am absolutely certain that there is something bigger than me that is helping me right now. I am absolutely certain that when I feel good, my life feels good. I am absolutely certain that everything does work out in the end.

I am absolutely certain that I have nothing to be afraid of. I am absolutely certain that I love taking risks. I am absolutely certain that things will work out for me eventually. I am absolutely certain that I am becoming a better person every day.

To be free means pushing "Publish" on this post and not caring about what anyone thinks of it. To be free means to own my behavior more and more every day. To be free means to not hate myself for what I do. To be free means to like being alive. To be free means to let my mind rest. To be free means to go within. To be free means to remember the magick of life. To be free means to remembering my power and allowing it to flow through.

Who cares?!

Tuesday Tips: 6 Ways to Care Less and Smile…

Who cares?!
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Welcome to Tuesday Tips, a weekly guide to living the magick life. Take a deep breath and let go of your worries, because every little thing is going to be all right. Trust that the universe is on your side and it is!


1. Notice miracles.
Jamie Windsong Kasper posts on Facebook, "My world is filled with miracles. I think all of our lives are it is just a matter of us taking notice. And miracles, they like to be appreciated like every being on the planet." The whole idea of appreciating miracles as beings makes my heart swell!

2. Rewrite your about page.
I recommend doing this as often as you can. Laura Roeder suggested in her weekly newsletter The Dash, "Write a letter to your ideal customer. Tell them what you want them to know about you, and your business. Tell them how excited you are about helping them, and what inspired you to start the business." Gala Darling also has some excellent ideas for keeping your brand fresh in Get It, Girl: 10 Ways To Make The Most Of Any Workshop Or Event!


3. The words "I am" matter A LOT!
Oprah gets it! Check out this video on her favorite philosophy, "You become what you believe." Try it yourself—fill in the blank with whatever you want to be true: "I am __________." Make that your mantra of the day and watch it materialize. In the video Oprah quotes Pastor Joel Osteen: "Whatever follows 'I am' is going to come looking for you." DEEP. (And much thanks to Aislinn in the School of Life Design group for pointing out this gem!)


4. Laugh for no reason!
This feels incredible! You'll also feel extremely silly at first, but IT WORKS! Try it, I promise you'll love it.

5. Release your stress.
In The Power of Now, Eckart Tolle teaches us, "Stress is caused by being 'here' but wanting to be 'there,' or being in the present but wanting to be in the future." Do whatever you can to be happy exactly where you are and you'll feel less and less stressed. Try the mantra, "I'm so happy with what I have" or "It's already the way I want it to be" or "I'm at peace with what is."


6. Become what you want, right now.
Fill in the blank with whatever you want: I am ______________.
And then LAUGH!!!!

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Which tips worked for you? Let us know how you're living the magick life on this thread. Thanks for playing!

Own It

Tuesday Tips: 8 Ways to Trust Everything’s Working Out

Own It
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Welcome to Tuesday Tips, the weekly guide to practicing positive thinking. As I continue upon my journey of life, I find myself going through the same process for every desire I birth. I want something so desperately, and keep it away from myself for what feels like eons. Then, as I find a new desire to focus upon and stop caring about the old one so much, the old desire manifests and I feel silly for ever doubting that it would one day be mine. The moral of the story: no matter what it is, trust it's coming your way! Trust life. It made you, it sustains you, and it's helping you thrive, right now.


1. Laugh with your friends.
Spending time with the people you love is one of the best ways to get in a good mood. When you leave their company, high on giggles, you'll head back to your work with unprecedented fervor. What would have taken you all day now takes you 30 minutes, because you're in such a good mood that you zip from solution to solution.

2. If you're an entrepreneur, read this.
I met Laura Roeder when we both lived in Chicago. She has always been an inspiration to me, because she's so smart about business and knew from early on that trading her time for money just wasn't going to cut it. This interview with Laura on Entrepreneur On Fire really sheds a lot of light on her business model, and gave me so much inspiration! If you're interested in a subscription-based business model or in selling information products, this interview is a great read.


3. Try this mantra: "I'm the creator. It's already the way I want it to be."
If you can get yourself to believe this, you'll basically have the key to it all.


During this one track 6 (Going Wrong by Armin Van Buuren to be exact) in RPM (a cycle class), our instructor Kristy always says "When everything's going wrong, that's when you know it's going right. Trust." The universe is always on your side!

5. Positive thinkers teach you to not get upset about negative experiences, but don't get too attached to the positive ones either.
Understand that a lot of your contrast (negative emotion) is guilt because you feel responsible for keeping things as good as they are. You get attached to how good they are and want to "keep thinking positively" about these subjects so you don't lose them. But you have to trust that they will stay there if they're meant to be. You can appreciate them as much as possible and that will actually do something GOOD for your reality, whereas worrying about losing the positive aspects of your life will literally wear them away.

6. "Magic isn't conjured by the mind, it's conjured by emotion."
Who knew you could learn so much from TV? This was spoken in the show "Once Upon A Time" and it pretty much nails the process of "creating your own reality." You can't think your way into making things work out for you. You can only feel the way you want to feel now, and let life work out the details.

7. Practice the feeling of what it will feel like to have what you want.
When you have a point of contrast that you can't seem to get over, try picturing what you'll say when it finally is over. You'll be sitting around with your partner or friend, and you'll say, "Remember when I used to care about that one thing? How silly! Now I have that solution in spades!" Here's another way to look at it:

Picture what you want in your mind and add emotion. Your brain tunes into the energy which resonates with the frequency of what you are picturing. That wave of energy instantly begins coming towards you. Let that picture dominate your thoughts and that wave of energy will eventually reach you. Your brain will then convert it into the sights and sounds of your reality. ~ Paradigm Shift


8. "Embrace what you have. It could all change in an instant."
This one comes from TV too—Spartacus to be exact. When you find yourself trying to fight your way out of your current moment (to get to work, to get home, to meet someone, etc.), take a look around you at the abundance surrounding you right now, that you want so much to leave. Imagine it's your last time with these people, in this place. Embrace where you are! It's exactly what you wanted at some point before, and it's all you need! You'll always get where you're going, but can you enjoy where you are?

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What tips resonate with you? What's helping you float downstream this week? Let us know in the School of Life Design Facebook group.

purple pony

Gratitude and the Case of the Purple Pony Soap

purple pony
Image courtesy of Adam Evans & Bigib Designs

Kelly and I use Irish Spring body wash in a bottle. We go through it kinda fast, and we're about to run out. You know it's time when you have to turn the bottle over...

Rewind a couple weeks, to our friend Zoe's gorgeous Purple Pony 3rd birthday party. In the party favor bag were handmade, purple pony soaps. They were beautifully packaged, so precious, and Zoe had helped make them herself!

We have no soap dishes and we don't generally keep bar soap in the house. We made the sentimentally painful decision of putting them in the car to give away to friends instead of keeping them for ourselves. We're pretty minimal—we don't keep a lot of objects in our home. We give away anything we don't use.

Fast forward back to last night, when Kelly and I are showering together. I squeeze the Irish Spring, saying, "We really need to go to the store tomorrow."

Having the sudden realization that the universe had been trying to give us soap for weeks made the next thing out my mouth be, "Or we could just go shopping for soap in our car."

The universe is constantly trying to give me gifts in every moment. "What, you don't want adorable, glittery, purple pony soaps?! Really?! I thought I had you pegged," says the universe.

Realizing we already had soap and we're trying to pickily give it away made me feel so ungrateful—and gave me a sudden understanding about how every moment really is a gift from the universe.

We actually are given everything we need. We just need to slow down and say "I have soap!" more instead of "We're running out of soap." The universe loves us so much!