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Goodbye Forum, Hello Facebook!

I've decided to close down the School of Life Design Forum. If you're a member, you'll be able to access it for a little while longer if you want to grab anything. The software was too clunky, managing it was beastly, and activity has slowed to a crawl. So let's take this opportunity to connect on Facebook, where I don't have to manage the software, everyone's already on it, and there are lots of places to play.

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Add me as a friend on Facebook and we can do comedy routines in the comments on other people's walls.

Join the School of Life Design group!

This group is just a baby, but it has lots of potential. It's open to the public and ready for your conversations! I'd like this group to be our little life design directory, so please add yourself!

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Can You Imagine? The School of Life Design Forum…

water hoopin
Thanks Mick and Kevin!

I want to live in a post-money society, where we can all be or do or have anything we want and go wherever we want. I want to eat my food out of an open source matter compiler, live wherever I please, and freely breathe Internet like air. I want to fly using only my body. I want to have a desire and see it manifest instantly, because the universe is my sugar daddy.

How can I begin to believe in a world like that if I'm still asking for money in exchange for my ideas? How can the post-money transition happen if I am perpetuating a capitalist mindset?

The School of Life Design forum is free!

The forum is above all a place to practice positive thinking and share ideas. Originally, I chose to charge for entry because I felt like I was the teacher, and I should be compensated for dispensing my worldly advice. But with that attitude, I don't leave much room for learning from others. I want as many people in this forum as WordPress can handle, and I want to be talking about things that matter - namely the meaning of life!

We all have so much to learn, create and explore together. We all have tips and tricks and stories and brilliant ideas that the world needs to hear now.

All you have to do to start reading and posting in the forum is register to be a member of this site and then dive on in. Life is too fun to worry about money. There is enough of everything for everyone. I can't wait to share it all with you!


What Is the School of Life Design Forum?

Thanks Katrina!

Back in February, I published an ebook called Get a Website, Get Happy, Get Paid. The four page guide concisely explains my web-design-cum-positive-psychology philosophy - using a website to focus on what you like about your life can help you feel better and eventually make money.

Almost as an afterthought, I implemented the School of Life Design forum to accompany the book. I wanted to create a place for people to ask questions about life design and websites. The book is a great motivator to start lifestreaming for serious, but since everyone's website situation is unique, the forum came into existence to provide one-on-one advice and discussion.

Since then, the forum has become my favorite place to hang out online. The reason? We help each other practice positive thinking. Deciding to start thinking more positively is one thing, but actively practicing it every single moment until it becomes a permanent habit is challenging to say the least.

I frequently get emails from readers, asking "how do you stay positive?!" There is only one answer - practice. But practicing alone can be frustrating. Ever since I started the School of Life Design forum, I've had a community of brilliant creatives to practice thinking with.

Solution resistance

When you have a problem, it can be very hard to find a solution because your thought patterns are something like "I have this problem, it won't go away, I don't know what to do, this problem is getting worse." When you think about something as unresolved, it will stay like that until you can forget about it. Whatever you're thinking is what you're receiving.

But when you tell your problem to someone else who is focused on the positive, often that person will have no resistance to your problem and can therefore point out the solution immediately. It's so easy to miss the solutions right in front of our faces, because our negative thoughts keep us focused on that one thing we don't want.

The School of Life Design forum has turned out to be a way to find solutions. When I post about a problem (that I KNOW my thoughts are creating, but that I can't get over!) in the forum, two things happen. One, I release my thoughts from thinking about the problem. I trust that the problem is now in someone else's hands, which brings me relief. Two, a discussion is started about the problem which brings me even more relief because I often realize that everyone else has the same issues I do.

Then usually my problem is resolved within the hour. By trusting a community of positive thinkers to help me find solutions, I am able to let go of my negative thoughts and start vibrating on the level of the solution, not the problem.

Care to join us?

For all you glorious souls who are wondering how you can possibly keep up with positive thinking, consider giving the forum a try. Even if you don't have a website, the forum can help you with pretty much any problem you may have. We are a community dedicated to the path of positivity, joy and enlightenment. And it is so much fun to solve the puzzles life gives us together.

The forum is $11/month, which helps me pay for hosting and maintenance. The plus side of joining a paid forum is that it is all private - only paying members can ever see what we talk about. I check in at least once a day and try to reply to everything I can.

If you're looking to make the transition to positive thinking a little easier on yourself, the forum is the place to be. The more we work together, the easier it gets for all of us. Are you ready to take the leap? :]

Come play now!

Sign up for The School of Life Design Forum ($11/month) and download the book Get a Website, Get Happy, Get Paid for free!

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college is too expensive

End your school-related stress NOW by starting your own…

college is too expensive
thank you Mr. Moosh!

Does college stress you out? Are you in school and worried about how to pay for it? Do you torture yourself to get straight As? Do you worry about being able to find a job in your field after you graduate? Are you still deciding whether college is right for you? Have you already graduated and realized that life in the "real world" is bogus as hell?

Life is supposed to be fun. And if your higher education experience is anything less, it's time to reevaluate your options. You can take the traditional route and plod through university, getting into debt and desperately hoping to gain an entry level position remotely related to your field. Or you can start your own business now, stop worrying about your future, and start having fun.

The new paradigm

The Internet gives you access to all the information you would learn in school. And the Internet also lets you start a business with zero overhead costs. No matter where you are in your education, you can start your business now. What is your business, you ask? You.

Your unique life experience is a gold mine, and the foundation of your new business. The things you love thinking, learning, and doing every single day can be translated into information that can help someone else. And if you have the ability to help someone, you can get paid doing it.

All you have to do is share your life experience on a website in a way that helps other people feel good, then give them a way to pay you.

When you introduce the possibility of getting paid for your life experience, leading an interesting life suddenly becomes more appealing. You'll seek out things to learn on your own. You won't need a teacher telling you what to be interested in. You'll curate your own education.

The plan

Here's what to do to start your own business that will be supporting you by graduation:

  • Decide to take control of your life experience.
  • Get a website.
  • Use your website to practice feeling good.
  • Find your focus. Explore what you're passionate about and decide what you want to learn about. Write about it constantly. Make art about it. Organize your thoughts about it. Put it all on your site in a way other people will enjoy reading. This will build your reputation–it's like creating a real-time resume and portfolio.
  • Uplift, inspire and teach people with your posts and articles.
  • Make money while you sleep through advertising, affiliate programs, donations, and information products.

The School of Life Design Forum

You can take this advice and run with it and learn how to do all these steps on your own. If you have enough time and focus, I promise you can do it and it will work. But if you want the best shortcuts, advice, and community to help you get your business profiting, The School of Life Design Forum is the place to be.

The School of Life Design Forum is a private area of jessicamullen.com. You pay a monthly subscription fee of $11 for a username and password that gives you access to the page. This is what it looks like when you log in:
The School of Life Design Forum | jessicamullen.com

Here's how the forum can help you:

  1. Start taking yourself seriously. Get the help you need, a supportive community, and inside info. Start living your dream NOW. Give yourself motivation to start working on your own site. If you're paying for membership to a forum that's going to help you with your site, you'll be more inspired to work on it. Quit putting it off!
  2. Paying for access helps you commit to the belief that your ideas are worth spreading.
  3. You get one-on-one instruction combining web design with positive psychology. Your subscription is like tuition to an elite school teaching the new paradigm in digital self-employment. Ask questions about your specific situation.
  4. Professional website critiques.
  5. Technical help with code and making things work.
  6. Graphic design tips and feedback.
  7. Insider secrets. Find advertising opportunities, contact information, license keys.
  8. Download school supplies. All future worksheets, ebooks and School of Life Design materials will be released at no additional charge to forum subscribers.
  9. Philosophize. Give the voice of your higher self a test drive. Share experiences living the law of attraction.
  10. Community support. Everyone else in the forum is trying to do the same thing you are, so we all have a lot to contribute.
  11. Keep The School of Life Design thriving. Your dollars are what pay to host this site, keeping articles free and abundant. When you support me with your generosity, you are inviting more abundance into your life.
  12. Let go by releasing your problems into the forum. The forum helps you trust that an answer will come.
  13. Download the book Get a Website, Get Happy, Get Paid for free. This book will tell you everything you need to do to get started with your website, and the forum will answer the rest of your questions!

Sign up for The School of Life Design Forum ($11/month) and download the book Get a Website, Get Happy, Get Paid for free!

If you're wondering why you should trust that I know what I'm talking about, let me explain my own credentials. I have a BFA in graphic design from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, where I learned how to make websites and do good design. Then I worked as a professional web designer in Chicago for a few years, learning how to work with clients and make money. I returned to Champaign to teach web design at University of Illinois. I wanted to make teaching my career, so in 2008 I moved to Austin, Texas to get my MFA in Design, and completed my degree last May. While in graduate school, I studied lifestreaming, privacy, and online business models. I wrote my thesis about why lifestreaming is a life design methodology, which is the foundation of what I'm here telling you about now. (If you're curious, here's my whole design portfolio, and here is my CV.)

I've been making websites for 13 years and studying design for 9. I've been following trends in education, employment and the Internet and know that this is the future of creative work. I went to graduate school to teach what I know about the Internet, and this is how I'm doing it. I'll help you create the life of your dreams through your website and be the best mentor you've ever had! And if our physical paths ever cross, we can go out for drinks :]

Let go and trust that this is for you!

If you're in college, take the pressure off yourself. You can start your business now and know that you won't have to worry about getting a job when you graduate. Then college can be a fun playground where your only object is to learn (and get laid), and you don't have to take it so seriously!

If you're thinking about going to college but aren't sure what you want to study, consider starting your business first. Give yourself a year to explore life on your own terms, distill it into a website, and see what unfolds. Don't know where to start? Find one thing you're interested in and start writing about it. Work on your business a little bit every day and by the end of a year you'll know exactly who you are, where you want to go and who you want to be.

If you've already graduated college and aren't satisfied with where it's gotten you, start your business immediately! It's never too late to start over from scratch and do exactly what you want! Take the plunge and decide your happiness is more important than some company's bottom line. What do you have to lose?

Sign up for The School of Life Design Forum ($11/month) and download the book Get a Website, Get Happy, Get Paid for free!

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Get a Website, Get Happy, Get Paid

If you're reading this, you've probably already decided that a conventional path through life is not for you. You want to do the things you love and make money doing them. You don't want to work for the man, or anyone else. You know you have something important to share with the world. A day job, fancy car and flatscreen TV aren't going to help you do that.

I felt the same way. So I quit working for other people and started taking my website seriously. Within 6 months, I was making an income from jessicamullen.com.

My goal is to help you do the same. This morning I finished writing my first book, Get a Website, Get Happy, Get Paid. It outlines exactly what you have to do to start getting paid for your own creative efforts.

The book is extremely short: 3.5 pages. There is zero fluff, only the specific instructions you need to start living the life you know you deserve.

book panels

The School of Life Design Forum

I realize that a 3.5 page book might leave you with a lot of questions about your specific situation. So I created a brand new, private forum for us to share ideas, get help and encourage each other to succeed. In the forum you can:

  • get access to advertising and promotional opportunities for your site
  • ask technical questions about your website
  • promote your own site
  • get advice on how to best monetize your creative talents
  • share tips on ways to feel good and stay inspired
  • learn about different ways to sell your ideas
  • find the best companies to work with
  • ask me as many questions as you want and get prompt replies
  • hang out with other people who are just as driven, motivated and creative as you are

You can purchase Get a Website, Get Happy, Get Paid by itself for $12, or you can sign up for The School of Life Design Forum access at $11/month and get the book for free.

Think of subscribing to forum access as paying tuition for a very elite education. You are at the forefront of a huge paradigm shift. The old paradigm was to go to school, get a job working for someone else, and if you're very brave, start a company and bust your ass trying to sell stuff to other people. The new paradigm is to do what you love first, then share that love, then receive nothing but love in return. It's the law of attraction. The Internet is making the new paradigm possible.

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Get a Website, Get Happy,
Get Paid


Thanks for signing up! Go check out the forum now!