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Jessica Mullen

Thinking “I Love Myself” Really Works

Jessica Mullen
Today I woke up with cramps and a headache, and it felt like my cold was coming back for a reprise. "But yesterday had been such a good day!" I thought.

I went and chugged my coffee, fed my cats, and reminded myself to start counting. Yesterday I made it a point to do silent counting as my simran and it worked like a charm. I got so much done and went to bed feeling fabulous.

I don't think I even got to 200 today. I took my cold medicine, the wife gave me a neckrub, and I did a quick job for an awesome new client. Right after I finished, she paid right away and then gave me a sweet testimonial on Facebook.

I looked in my inbox and saw all these payments from clients and book sales and digital downloads. I looked in my inbox and saw the email from a client yesterday, saying, "Thank you so much, this is exactly what I want." I've never had a client say that to me before.

I scrolled through my Facebook profile and saw all the people tagging me, thanking me and saying they miss me and appreciate me. And it hit me. I LOVE MYSELF. And now I had the evidence. People were giving me attention. And when I looked at my facebook profile, I felt real, true LOVE for myself. I felt like a good person, doing good things. Guys, I did it. I LOVE myself. Holy. Shit.

I've been practicing thinking "I love myself" with about 87% devotion for about six weeks. Being sober really helps me keep the thought going, since I'm not blacked out every night, having to start at 0 again the next day.

I record meditations about it. I write it in my journal. I write it in my blog. I wish for it in my MMM. I printed it on a sweatshirt. I co-create zines about it. I love myself. I love myself. Breathing in, I love myself. I email people about it. My best email penpal and I talk about the magick power of "I love myself" for days on end. Breathing out I love myself.

It's working. The mantra is working. Even though I didn't believe the thought at first, it's starting to stick. Just because I kept thinking it over and over. Kept putting my attention on it, even when it seemed like it wasn't working.

It's working. I love myself. I just had to stick to it. Believe in it. Believe that all this law of attraction / thoughts-creating-reality stuff is TRUE.

It's working. I love myself. I love myself. I love myself. I loved myself before I had proof. And now I love myself, and the proof is revealing itself right in front of my eyes, in every aspect of my life. I didn't have to force anything. All I had to do was deliberately choose to focus on the thought as often as I possibly could.

It's working. I love myself!

Strategies for Getting What You Want

jessica mullen
If you want something, and you think about how you want it, you are sending a signal of "I don't have this but I want it." So the universe keeps delivering exactly that--a reality where you don't have the thing you want, but you still want it.

The way to work with the universe is to know what you want is already yours. When you have the desire, it is created by the universe. Any time you want something, just assume it's on the way.

But that can be difficult with us humans because we don't always trust the process of life. We don't always believe that what we want can come. So it's hard to stop thinking "I want this but I don't have it."

When we get stuck in that pattern of projecting "I want it but I don't have it," it's time to do a little work with the thought pattern. One strategy is to give what we want to ourselves. Usually we want all the things we do so we can feel love. So when we give ourselves love (through mantras, self-care, meditation, kind thoughts, etc.), we no longer are projecting "I want love but I don't have it." The vibration changes to "I am loved." Then once you feel loved, your reality can start reflecting that back to you in manifestations other than just you loving yourself.

Another strategy is "making peace with it never coming". Let go of the desire completely and truly stop caring if you get it. If you stop caring if you get it, then you stop projecting "I want it but I don't have it." Then the manifestation is free to come to you. One of my favorite ways to make peace with it not coming is to say "I don't give a fuck if I ever get ______!" If I can truly let go of the desire, it will come to me. This strategy can be frustrating because you receive what you want once you don't want it anymore--but that's the whole point, to feel good without the manifestation.

Above all, the best strategy you can use to get what you want is to feel good as often as you can. Take care of your health, express yourself creatively, stand up for yourself, laugh. When you fill your life with things that feel good, you can spend your time in the present moment enjoying life as it is, not needing change or manifestations to make your life better. And when you spend your time feeling good, you are a match to those things you want that also feel good. But you won't even care if you get those things because you already feel good!

That is the whole paradox: you must BECOME IT to SEE IT. You must feel good to manifest things that feel good. You must be the change you want to see. YOU are the creator!

Daily Guide to Life Design #6: Ask and It…

Life has a formula, popularized by Abraham-Hicks: Ask, and it is given. In Christianity they call it the power of prayer. All it means is that when you ask for something and trust that you'll get it, life (i.e., god) brings it to you (though the form it arrives in may be different from the way you picture it).

You are here to help life expand. The way life expands is through desire. Life couldn't expand if everyone was always content--there would be no change, or growth, or evolution. So you have desires, and the adventure of life grows. Then you get what you want, and have new desires, and the adventure of life grows.

Life wants you to get what you want, and will give it to you when you allow it. Manifesting your desires is effortless for life. Life just wants you here, so you continue living, so you keep having more desires. Life needs your individual perspective to have desires. Your only job is to be here--desire happens naturally.

Whatever it is you desire, you don't have to get involved. You don't have to try. Remember, your job is not to do. It's to be conscious of life and your preferences. The universe is perfect at creating already. It uses the power of infinite intelligence. Your role is to experience what you've created together. You asked. The universe gave. You experienced. And then your life experience caused you to ask for more. That's the symphony you're writing with life.

If you accept your desires, and trust that life will bring you your desires, they will come. But you have to ask. You can't ask if you're always thinking about what you don't desire, which is why I focus so much energy on positive thinking worksheets. They help me to train my attention to focus on what I want (and what I want more of).

Clear your mind and ask yourself, "What do I want?" (Or try, "How do I want to express myself now?") Then when you hear the answer, trust that life will bring it to you.

When I say, "life will bring it to you," keep in mind that there may be some steps along the way. Once you know what you want, start saying yes to the opportunities you notice. If you're never in circumstances where your desire can be delivered, they'll never come. If you want a job, it might help to apply. If you want a car, you probably have to leave the house.

Whatever you want, it IS yours. Just ask and trust that you'll get it. It might not come the way you envision, and delivery times do vary, but what you receive will be bigger and better than you could ever imagine.

Meet the Solution to Your Problem: Kelly Cree

Kelly and Jessica

Did you know Kelly Cree writes most of the content for JessicaMullen.com? Kelly is my wife, my partner-in-design, and my oracle. Ever since we started down our journey of positive thinking over three years ago, she has been able to answer every question I've had about spirituality, the law of attraction, and the true nature of reality.

Every time I have contrast, she asks me the same question: "Are you the creator?" Yes. I create my own reality. Like it or not, each of us is in complete control of our life experience.

We have a running joke. I say, "I'm so grateful you tell me all the answers so I can make money off them on my site." To which she replies, "I'm so grateful I have you to write it all down so I don't have to do any work!"

So today we're announcing the biggest news we've had in a long time: Kelly is going to start doing PHONE CALL CONSULTING. You can call her a life coach, a wizard, or your new best friend, but the point is this: she has the answer you've been searching for.

All it takes to get what you want in life is to believe that it's already yours. You know how sometimes you just know that you're going to get something? You can train yourself to feel that way about anything you want.

Kelly can help you believe. Any question you have, she can answer. She helps me access nearly every solution I share with you on this site, and she does it calmly, intelligently and with a big dose of humor.

How it works

1. You prepay for your phone call. You can buy 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or a whole hour.
2. Leave your question in the provided field on Paypal.
3. As soon as we get notification of your purchase, we email you to schedule the call (usually we'll write you back the same day).
4. Kelly calls you, you ask your question(s), she gives you the solution, and everyone's life gets better!


If Kelly doesn't answer your question to your satisfaction, we'll give you a full refund! So what are you waiting for? Get ready to feel sweet relief!

Call duration
What's your question about?

Artwork by Maya and Zoe

How I Cracked the Code to Making Money by…

Artwork by Maya and Zoe

Two years ago I finished grad school with no job or plan, other than to follow my bliss and make money from my website. I drained my savings, emptied my IRA and investment accounts, lived off of credit and deferred payments on my student loans. I took a risk. It was scarier than jumping off a cliff.

I had discovered the law of attraction just before I graduated and knew "figuring out" how to use it was the path for me. I wanted to make it big. I wanted money to come to me. I wanted the law of attraction to be my quick fix.

For months, I struggled just figuring out what I wanted. I had vision boards full of beautiful houses and travel and toys. I played Abraham's "checkbook game". Not much changed in my actual pocketbook.

On Easter of 2011, I had a realization that money was just a puzzle I was learning how to play, and I had my first taste of the belief that "I can do this!" It might take me the rest of my life to figure out how to vibrate abundance, but I was going to do it.

More months passed. Money was getting tight. How were we going to pay the rent? I had my first strong knowing of what I wanted: enough money to pay the rent every month! Not a big house or an Alaskan cruise. Just rent money. That desire was strong.

One day Kelly and I were driving home from my parents' house in the country, listening to Nicki Minaj's "Moment for Life". I was suddenly slammed with a feeling of gratitude so strong, I cried tears of joy for the entire hour car ride. I felt the feeling of the universe taking care of me, and felt like everything in my reality was encouraging me to keep going. "Congratulations!" the trees said. "You're alive and we love you!" whispered the rolling hills. The cars whizzing by were yelling "hooray, you're here and everything is working out!"

I came home and wrote this article. I had finally experienced the feeling I'd been looking for since leaving school—that life really was conspiring to support me.

Within a couple weeks, Kelly and I were offered an internship at UnderConsideration, and they were going to pay us more than enough to pay our rent. It seemed so simple. How to play the money puzzle was becoming clear: Figure out what you really, truly, strongly desire, find the feeling of what it would feel like, then let go and trust it was coming.

The internship proved to be the best thing that ever happened to us. The experiences we've had with UCllc have been more valuable than any amount of money. But still, eventually we needed to figure out how to make enough money to pay for our bills and living expenses, not just the rent.

Since the beginning of the year, Kelly and I have focused on growing our online businesses. Surely that would be the ticket to making more money, right? We redesigned websites, we made new products, we created stores. We have biweekly status meetings. We have appreciation rituals. We've fallen in love with being entrepreneurs.

But the money wasn't enough. We were making enough passive income to pay some of the bills, but not everything. We didn't have any client work. Trying to make new products and work on our sites felt so hard. It felt like pushing against the flow.

Last year I read this article by Steve Pavlina called How to Defeat Kolrami. It was about how as soon as he stopped trying to make money, the money came. It makes sense, because if you're trying to make money, you're vibrating a feeling of "I don't have money and I need to make it." Yesterday morning, I woke up and decided I had had enough of trying to make money. "Trying" just wasn't working out for me, and it hadn't been for two years. It was time to give it up.

At the same time I gave up on trying, I began using a new mantra: "I've decided to feel good about money. It will work itself out." Throughout the day, when I got emails from my loan companies or credit cards, instead of feeling stressed, I just thought "I've decided to feel good about money. It'll work itself out."

Yesterday I used that mantra when I payed my car insurance with my credit card. I used it when I payed my rent with a nerve-wrackingly low checking account balance. I used it when I got an email about my student loans. I used it when I got a notification that my credit card bill was due. Four times. I felt that feeling of "I've decided to feel good about money" four times.

By 4pm, I had an email in my inbox notifying me that I just got a client job worth $10,500.

I fell on the floor with relief. And laughed, and laughed, and laughed. Because it was so much easier than I ever made it out to be. I just decided to feel good about money, and trusted it was working itself out. I was allowing the money to come to me. I didn't have to do anything. I just had to stop worrying about it.

This morning I woke up to a $65 affiliate commission from Bluehost. A $52 commission from 1ShoppingCart. A $15 video sale. And it's payday at UCllc.

I've cracked the code. The code isn't knowing how to attract money, because I've known how since I learned about the law of attraction. The code is learning to stop being afraid and just trust that life is taking care of me. The code is learning to feel good even when I'm swimming in bills.

The code is deciding to feel good anyway. And anyone can do it. Just decide to feel good about money. It's working itself out.

What do you truly want?

Exercise: What Do You Truly Want?

Birdhouse Painted by Kelly Cree

I love remembering that the meaning of life as I currently know it is simple: ask and it is given. We're here to enjoy being alive, not struggle with endless, painful, secret desires and overwhelming, nagging, illogical worries. Life experience causes us to have desires, and when those desires are launched, source energy creates them. Anything you can imagine is not only possible, but already exists. Have the desire, and the desire becomes real.

Accessing the manifestation of those desires is a learning process. Finding the formula for living the lives we want to live is the eternal task of the living. Through the filter of "ask and it is given," the formula is simple. Think about what you want, and then believe it will be given to you.

What does it mean to believe it will be given to you? It means to have 100% certainty that your desired manifestation is on the way, so you act like you already have it. For example, you may have 100% certainty that you'll get a paycheck every two weeks, so you behave accordingly. You might not have the money to spend right this instant, but you can still spend the money you already have, because you trust there is more coming.

How do we act "as if" when we don't yet have 100% certainty? We figure out how it feels, otherwise known as "practicing the feeling." If you don't know the feeling of riding a bike, you keep practicing riding until you get it. Learning to ride a bike is the same exact thing as learning to practice the feeling of having what you want.

An exercise I love to do every few weeks is to redefine my desires. I ask myself, "what do I truly want?" And then I ponder the desires behind the physical manifestations I want. I want money, but why? I want success, but why? I want those things because they will produce a specific feeling.

Exercise: What Do I Truly Want?

To practice the feeling of having what you want, try this simple exercise. Write about what you want in each major life category, and then ponder the feeling you want behind the physical manifestation. Afterwards, collect the "feelings" and turn them into affirmations. Focus all of your energy on feeling those feelings, day and night. Forget about the physical manifestations, and don't take action to try to make them happen. Just feel the way you think you'll feel when you get them, and you'll have what you want without the manifestation. This is how you "act as if" or train yourself into believing what you ask for is already yours.

My example is below.

What Do I Truly Want?

To be thin and svelte and look smokin in a bikini while playing at the Springs. I want to feel free and light and playful.

To never worry about money. To have enough to buy anything I want. To trust I will always have what I need. To feel secure and like I'm taken care of. Like I'm loved. I want to be a millionaire because I want to feel loved.

To be part of a family in a deep, sensual and thrilling way. I want to feel invested in and committed to my reality. I want to feel like I'm part of something bigger. I want to feel like every day is filled with excitement and thrills. Going boldly where no one has gone before. Exploring. Taking risks. Taking the risk of being vulnerable and reaching out with love. Taking the risk of giving love. Feeling the flow with multiple people at once. Like playing on a team.

To be the best lifestreamer in the world and to lead by example. I want to feel with 100% certainty that the work I do is the work I came to this reality to do. I want to feel 100% confidence in myself.

To love and support my partner in every way possible. To give my all to those closest to me. To find new ways to show my love. To open up more and more. To see the perfection in my partner. To see the best in my partner. To create new worlds with my partner. To be one with my partner and yet retain my uniqueness and independence. To let my partner give to me. To let myself receive. To help my partner receive the gifts I give her. I want to feel supportive and supported. I want to feel generous and receptive.

Affirm that you feel the way you want to feel already.

  • I feel free and light and playful.
  • I feel loved.
  • I feel the flow with everyone around me.
  • I feel like I'm on the same team as everyone else, part of something bigger than myself.
  • I feel excited and thrilled.
  • I feel bold, confident and spontaneous.
  • I feel 100% certainty about every decision.
  • I feel love and generosity towards those around me.
  • I feel open, receptive, and uplifting.

The Life Story Visualization Tool [$5 PDF Download]

One simple premise I live by is that thoughts create. If you believe that thoughts create, all you have to do to get what you want is think accordingly. But have you ever wondered how exactly to do that? What are the thoughts I should think to make my dream come true?

People into the law of attraction will tell you that it's as easy as telling a new story about your life. But how the eff do you tell a new story? It can be overwhelming to organize your thoughts into new patterns.

Mental coach Jim Fannin teaches people to achieve their dreams by telling them one thing: "Play a movie in your head of you achieving your big goal." But how do you come up with that movie?

Today I'm launching a solution that will help you craft the new story you want to live. It's called Life Story, and it's a one page 8.5 × 11" PDF download that you cut and fold into a cute 16 page book.

Life Story

The way Life Story works is quick and easy. First, you identify what you want. This could be anything from "I want to make a new friend today" to "I want to be self-employed in 2012." Big or small, the goal doesn't matter.

Begin by stating what you want in past tense, which starts installing the thought pattern you desire. "This is the story of how I became self-employed in 2012."

Life Story spread 1

Then you find one example of something that would make you believe you're on your way to your dream. "The first sign the trick was working was when several people commissioned my work."

Life Story Chapter 1

Next, find an example manifestation that would pretty much seal the deal on your goal. "What truly tipped the scales and made me believe in my own power was the month I made more money from my own work than at my day job."

Life Story Chapter 2

Since the scales have been tipped, all you have to do is relax and let the manifestation come to you. You know you've reached your goal, and "the icing on the cake was singing joyfully on the way out of the office on my last day of work."

Life Story Chapter 3

Don't forget the the most fun part—make a cover for your book too!

Why it works

The reason Life Story works so well is because it gives you a simple 3-part story to recall instead of whatever random negative thoughts you may have been having in the past. Having a basic framework for the story you want to live puts you in the feeling place of having what you want, and allows the universe to fill in the details.

What you are doing at the core with Life Story is sending the signal of already having what you want. Telling your story the way you want to hear it is a way to be it and then see it. When your dominant thought pattern is "I already live the life of my dreams," your reality has no choice but to reflect that.

How do I get one?

Continue to the Life Story website to learn more, or click the button below to purchase.

$5 Download Now

The Connection Between Diet and the Law of Attraction

raw foods!

I was turned onto the Law of Attraction (by my friend Jessie!) around the same time I began experimenting with a vegan raw food diet. And after eating totally raw for over a month, I found Abraham-Hicks, the philosophers who popularized the Law of Attraction. Over the next few months I met several others who went raw and got into Abraham around the same time too. What's the connection?

Diet isn't the key to happiness

When I was in grad school, I spent a LOT of time thinking about my diet, learning to cook, and eliminating foods. I was convinced that if I could just find a system of eating that was sustainable, healthy, and kept me skinny I could be happy forever. But after going as far as I could down the "healthy diet" spectrum, I still wasn't satisfied. Sure, I felt super healthy and looked great, but it still didn't solve that underlying "why is diet so complicated?!" feeling.

Enter Abraham, who cleared up the mystery. What you think about, you bring about, and if you think diet is complicated, it will be. If you think a raw food diet will make you feel good, it will. If you think donuts will make you fat, they will. I thought that what I ate greatly influenced my reality, so it did.

Thought is the core, not food

Addressing the basic activities in your life (diet, sleep, exercise) means you care about how you feel. But while tweaking and refining those activities will make you feel good, it won't "fix" your life, because you are still looking outside of yourself for peace. You choose your diet based on your beliefs, but your beliefs are only thoughts you think a lot. If you can take control over the seed of your experience, your thoughts, then you can eat whatever you want.

Is this a trick?!

Sounds pretty great right? Change your thoughts and be able to eat whatever you want, whenever you want. Well, after a whole year of trying to change my thoughts about food, I can't say it's any easier for me to believe I can eat a whole pizza and not feel sick. But I have reached an equilibrium in my diet, and a way to think about food that brings me peace.

Food doesn't make you fat. It's resistant thoughts about the food. When I eat, all I have to do is question whether I'm truly hungry, or whether I'm being lazy and looking to something outside of myself to make me feel good. If I'm truly hungry, my thoughts are of gratitude and relief. If I just want something to make me feel good, my thoughts go crazy, trying to figure out how much I should eat, can I get away with eating that, oh let's just eat everything in the fridge if it'll feel good.

If you look towards something outside of yourself to feel good, when it is gone it will make you feel bad. The only peace can come from within, and that peace is just a straight up choice. Choose to feel good first, and the rest will work itself out.

magick trick #1!

Magick Trick #1: Hacking the Law of Attraction

magick trick #1!
Thank you Neon23!

We got some magick tricks up in here for y'all! Today we'll discuss how to stop sending a signal of lack so you can finally receive all the booty you want.

The law of attraction works in this manner (see Abraham-Hicks for more on this philosophy):

  1. Ask for what you want.
  2. Believe the universe will bring it to you.
  3. Receive what you want by not caring if you get it or not and finding a way to feel good without it.

The third step trips me up all the time. How am I supposed to stop wanting what I want? Why would I want to? I want to because the universe can't bring me something if I'm projecting a signal of "I want this and I don't have it." The universe will keep sending me experiences that reflect my signal of lack. If I can stop projecting "I don't have this but I want it," and feel good anyway, I know what I want is on the way.

So how does one stop projecting the signal of "I don't have this"? The answer is much simpler than I expected. All it takes is a single thought: "I want a reason to stop caring if I receive this manifestation." You may find, as I did, that you have much less resistance to that desire, and the universe will bring you some reason to stop caring about getting what you want.

For example, say you want a specific amount of money. You want this money for a good reason, I'm sure. If you really need money to pay bills, it might be hard to stop wanting this money - how else will your bills get paid?! But if you ask for a reason to stop caring if you get the money, you'll be so surprised about what comes. You might get a new employment opportunity, or a check in the mail. You might find you don't have to pay your bills anymore. Anything can happen!

The Scientific Method to Getting What You Want

Thanks Shawn!

Everyone has her own way of explaining how the law of attraction works. Here's mine.

1. Think about what you want, just like ordering from a menu. Sometimes it's more effective to think about the feeling you want instead of the physical manifestation.

2. Don't negate your desire with resistant thoughts. (I want this, BUT... I don't deserve it... people would judge me for wanting it... I don't know how to get it...) Resistant thoughts literally cancel your order.

3. Totally FORGET about your desire by finding another way to feel good (writing, exercising, meditating, creating, socializing, playing, etc). This is another way to say "let go" or "don't care if you get it or not."

Think about what you want, then forget about it by distracting yourself with other things that feel good. The faster you forget, the faster it will come. Could it be any easier?