My Austin Blogcademy Scholarship Application: A Best Case Scenario

 2013 July 17
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Best Case Scenario!

Wouldn’t it be nice to go to the Austin Blogcademy?!

Ritual Magick and My New Altar

 2013 July 11
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Jessica Mullen's Altar

This morning the brilliant Novaa Veo commented on one of my “thought direction” posts. She mentioned that my posts were inspiration for the spells she uses while doing energy work at her altar.

How magickal and amazing is that?! I realized -I- should be using my posts as spells while doing energy work at my altar! But first: to make the altar!

Jessica Mullen's Altar display

I’ve always loved ritual and it’s always worked for me. Why I haven’t been doing a daily ritual with magickal objects at an altar is completely beyond me! But there’s no time like today to start.

I gathered my most useful tools: a kaleidoscope, a deck of tarot cards, a tea light and a cozy wooden box. I began to fill the box with objects that called to me, knowing they would guide my ritual. I dusted the bottom with gold glitter and admired my new treasure box!

The Ritual

To begin, I light the candle. I take a peek into the kaleidoscope and pull myself into the Now (it helps to whisper “Now. Now. Now.”).

Next, I visualize activating my chakras, pulling love and life force into my body like this:

I breathe in and bring light into my crown chakra.
I breathe out and activate my crown chakra.

I breathe in and bring light into my third eye chakra.
I breathe out and activate my third eye chakra.

I breathe in and bring light into my throat chakra.
I breathe out and activate my throat chakra.

I breathe in and bring light into my heart chakra.
I breathe out and activate my heart chakra.

I breathe in and bring light into my solar plexus chakra.
I breathe out and activate my solar plexus chakra.

I breathe in and bring light into my navel chakra.
I breathe out and activate my navel chakra.

I breathe in and bring light into my spine chakra.
I breathe out and activate my spine chakra.

I shuffle the tarot cards and pull one out. This card sets the tone for the ritual, helping me remember the big picture of what I’m doing. Today’s card, the 5 of swords, reminds me that I need to take care of myself, but also serve the greater good. An excellent omen for my new practice!

After the tarot reading, I open the box and read the card taped to the lid. “Enjoy the contrast. You are the creator. Have fun, play, be mad! Be a joy to watch. It’s for your eyes only. I totally and completely love and accept myself. I am my reason for feeling good.” I begin pulling items out of the box, repeating an affirmation for each object.

Jessica Mullen's Altar (guide)

  • A. Feather: I am light.
  • B. Claw pendant: I let go of my resistance.
  • C. Clear gemstone: I am magickal.
  • D. Heart crystal: I love myself. I am my reason for feeling good. I project love and serve the greater good.
  • E. Fish hook pendant: I honor my body.
  • F. Pentagram: I am abundant in every way.
  • G. Bottle filled with carbon: (Open bottle) I transmute my fears into excitement. (Close bottle)
  • H. Cross: I am evolving into Christ consciousness.
  • I. Silver canister: (Open) I wish for _______. (Close)
  • J. Gratitude stone: I am grateful for _______.
  • K. Mirror shard: It can only reflect me.
  • L. Hematite bead: I am grounded.
  • M. Hemp seed: I am becoming.
  • N. Pink stone: I thank all those who have helped me come this far.
  • O. Wisdom tooth: I remember my mortality and resolve to live this day to the fullest.

After my affirmations, I do a few rounds of EFT about any resistant thoughts I may have. “Even though I ________, I still totally and completely love and accept myself.”

I spend a few moments in a meditative state, feeling for my inner body. And with that, I’m done! I do a quick grounding spell to release the energy I have gathered: “I now ground this energy that hasn’t been used and return it to the earth. Thank you for helping me.”

What kind of rituals do you use? What are your magickal implements? I’d love to hear your own process!

Tuesday Tips: 8 Powerful Magick Tricks

 2013 January 8
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Expect Miracles (art by Kelly Cree & Jessica Mullen)
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Welcome to Tuesday Tips, a weekly compilation of ways to practice positive thinking. This week I’ve been inspired by all things witchy—Harry Potter, healing potions, lucid dreams and spellcasting. In life we have the opportunity to use magick—not stage magic like Criss Angel—but “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will,” as Aleister Crowley puts it. Your thoughts have power, and by practicing deliberate thinking, you can create miracles in your reality as if wielding a magick wand. Below are some of my favorite magick tricks that make my life easier and more fun.

1. Create change.
If you want things to be different, make peace with what is. As soon as you’re happy being where you are, what you want will flow into your experience. You’ll be all, “oh man, just when I was happy with what I had!” To practice this trick, use the mantra “I’m so happy with what I have” or “I’m at peace with what is.”

2. Manifest specifics.
If you want something, imagine what it will feel like when you get it, then don’t think about it ever again. Trust that life is bringing it to you, and you don’t have to lift a finger or interfere in any way. Finally, stop caring if you get it or not. If the desire crosses your mind, practice letting it go with this mantra: “I’m letting that come to me.”

3. Get your point across.
If you want to communicate something to a person (or even animal!), use telepathy. Send the message in your head, and it will go straight to the recipient’s higher self, avoiding the mind-identified confusion and drama that talking can cause. Practice sending good vibes with the message “I love you no matter what.”

4. Feel good all the time.
If you want to get off the roller coaster of using things outside of you to make you feel good (people, drugs, work, etc.), learn to enjoy simply being. My friend Sunny shared this quote, “Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions.” You can pull yourself out of your thoughts about other people and events and into the present by meditating, counting silently or by focusing on your breath. Another way to practice this trick is with the mantra “I’m enjoying being.”

5. Generate abundance.
To attract more wealth and prosperity into your life, appreciate what you have. Notice all of the examples of abundance in your life—your health, your home, your family and friends. Visualizing yourself with the abundance you want works too. Picture getting checks in the mail, or receiving a surprise bonus. If money really stresses you out, do your best to stop caring about it. Trust that life is bringing you what’s yours. Abundance cannot flow to you if you are focused on lack. To practice generating abundance, make lists of what you are grateful for, and try the mantra “I expect miracles.”

6. Promote health.
If you have an illness, all you have to do is decide you’re getting better. Look for evidence that your health is improving. Use the mantra “I’m feeling better by the minute.”

7. Attract love.
If you are craving love from others, it just means you owe yourself a little lovin’. Tell yourself “I love you.” Fill out a Daily Self Love worksheet. Find ways to be your reason for feeling good. Creating art of any kind is a great way to practice self-love, because it is a way to feel good about yourself without any external factors. Be obsessed with yourself. Compliment yourself. Focus on your strengths when you look in the mirror. The more you love yourself, the more others will reflect love to you. Try the mantra “I’m the shit!”

8. Grow your power.
The hardest, and easiest, part of deliberate creation is letting go and trusting life. Our minds want so desperately to control outcomes, but our power is in relinquishing control. Any time you want to take action, or worry about something you can’t control, practice the feeling of trust in a higher power. It’s just like walking a tightrope—you have to trust your body knows what to do and let go of all fear. Every time you encounter a resistant thought, or something you wish was different, use the mantra “I trust the flow of life.”

Now that you have some tricks up your sleeve, we can talk about how to practice them. You can do all of this in your head, but it’s often easier to direct your thoughts through writing. I like to use lifestreaming to organize and catalog my spellcasting efforts—I collect my intentions, gratitude lists and other thought direction prompts in the lifestream section of my website. You can also use a special notebook or private text files on your computer, or fill out positivity worksheets. All that matters is that you make your magickal efforts a habit, because the only thing between you and where you want to be is practice. Abracadabra!

Share your magickal powers with the School of Life Design

Every week I share the tips in the School of Life Design group on Facebook. Leave a comment with your own experiences and tricks. Thanks for playing!