Advanced Life Design Lesson 2: Welcome to Fifth Density

 2012 May 5
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Art by Kelly Cree

You may have noticed things are changing. You are aware of your thoughts. You are aware of your hand in this. You are aware that your thoughts create.

It was scary at first, getting over the guilt and fear of looking conceited or powerful or delusional. But thanks to the experiences shared on the Internet, it has become common knowledge that feeling good feels good and leads to good things. As a society, we’ve collectively begun to understand that the meaning of life has a lot more to do with having fun than making money or repenting for sins.

Congratulations my friend! We have made it to the next level of life experience. We are aware. We have woken up from the trance of being mind-identified. We have stepped into our role as conscious creators, with a permanent hotline to infinite intelligence.

Art by Kelly Cree

Some call this transition period entering the “fifth density“, which is a vibrational frequency of consciousness. In this density, we operate from the standpoint of unconditional love and unity with all-that-is. We can zoom out and see a bigger picture of life. The fifth density is where we become aware of our own vibration and our creative power. In fifth density, you exist in flow, or in sync with the universal rhythm or pulse of life. Learning to live in flow marks the transition from fourth to fifth density.

Divine inspiration. Knowing. Confidence. Tripping. Thought-free focus. Letting life live you. Walking the tightrope, trusting the big picture of life to care for you. By choosing to tune ourselves and our moods into the vibration of unconditional love, we access an awareness of flow. Access to the fifth density depends on your mood. Are you in the mood for love?

There is nothing weird or scary about this transition. It’s what we have been collectively striving for. We are entering a period of joy, of fun, of play, and of unconditional love. You don’t have to do anything to be part of the process. You only have to choose it. However, below are a few general principles that may ease that head-exploding feeling of “holy shit, life is deep.”

Art by Kelly Cree

5 Useful Rules to Live by in the Fifth Density

1. Listen for the flow.
To live in flow, your mind must be quiet enough to hear it. As you make your decisions throughout the day, ask yourself if the choice is a “fuck yeah”. If you have to think about it, it’s not. You can always feel the right decision, which the flow provides, because it will feel good and you will have zero doubt.

2. Up your tolerance for feeling good.
There’s nothing to be embarrassed about feeling good. Everyone gets it. Stay conscious and aware of your mood and thoughts, listen to your body and the indicators in your reality. Find your balance. Keep your cool. Life is like a 360º tightrope. If you were on a tightrope, would you give your attention to what you’re giving it to currently? Choose what you focus on. Choose to ignore everything you don’t want. Let the negative go. Your awareness creates it. What you resist, persists.

Notice particularly when you start reaching your upper limits of feeling good. In The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks explains there are four ways in which we prevent ourselves from reaching our ideal conscious state: feeling fundamentally flawed (how could someone as imperfect as me achieve unconditional love?), feeling disloyal to our roots (how could I choose success without abandoning those who made me who I am?), feeling like a burden (if I reach my highest potential, I’ll be an even bigger burden than I am now), or fear of outshining (how can I allow my perfection when it might make those around me feel bad?). If you start feeling bad, ask yourself if something really good just happened. If so, you’re upper-limiting yourself.

You don’t have to perfect your mood in one day. You don’t have to clean up all your thoughts at once. It’s an iterative process that happens with each new thought. Just practice observing your thoughts and watch as the light of your consciousness evaporates the illusion of darkness. In fifth density, your mood is your only work. Do the work. Feel the feeling you want to feel right now, and you have instant access to the vibration where your manifestation resides. It feels almost like shapeshifting, or teleporting.

3. Up your tolerance to other people feeling good.
If you want to live at a higher vibration, you have to be ok with the people around you being on your level. Choose to appreciate the success of the people around you, instead of fearing their success will give you less access to them. You can only perceive their success because you are projecting success.

4. Focus on the feeling of what you really want.
Being able to desire and then manifest anything you want is part of the fun of this density. If you know exactly what you want, you don’t have to think about your desire anymore, because the moment you had the desire, it was created. You don’t water your seed by thinking about it every day, you do it by paying attention to your mood. It will come when you feel as good as you would if you had received the manifestation. Basically, it will come when you don’t care about it anymore, because you found another way to feel good.

The only thing you can actively do to manifest your desire is to focus your energy on feeling good, regardless of whether you receive what you want or not. Tell yourself you have it, and live as if you do. You must become it before you see it. You must believe that it already is, and when you look for it, you’ll see everything already is reflecting that truth.

5. Practice feeling good even though you don’t have everything you want.
Feel good anyway. Act as if. Distract yourself from thoughts that keep you away from what you want. By saying “I want” you are vibrating “I don’t have.” Instead, say “I am.” There are infinite ways to feel good right now, without ever receiving that which you perceive to be lacking. You can exercise, meditate, do mood-boosting worksheets, read Tuesday Tips, or play with flow toys. But the easiest, fastest, and most reliable method for feeling good right now is your breath.

Our breath connects us to each other, to the world, and to the flow of life. Focusing on one’s breath is an instant connection to source energy and can be used at any time to stop thought and feel good. To practice conscious breathing, you can join others in the universal breathing room online (thanks Katharine!), or download the Prana Yama breathing app. For fantastic instructions on breath and meditation, read The Practice (thanks Sunny!).

Breath is the holy grail of feeling good. It’s the tool that will always work. It’s the secret ingredient we all have instant, easy access to.

Join in World Liberation Day!

At 10:30pm central time tonight, at the time of the biggest full moon of 2012, we’re all going to meditate for an hour, visualizing the world we want to live in. (See here for your timezone and more detailed instructions).

If you’re in the flow, you have the power that creates worlds in your hands. Life design is consciously directing that flow to create whatever you want. What happens is your decision. Do you want world peace? Do you want alien contact? Do you want all debts canceled? Do you want eternal life? Do you want to fly? What happens next for the world is up to you, and everyone gets to choose the version they want to live.

Art by Kelly Cree

And y’all? Just remember this is all just for fun. None of this serious, and none of it matters. Enjoy the ride! I love you, and you’re doing great.

Art by Kelly Cree

Advanced Life Design: a Bigger Picture

 2011 March 8
by jessica mullen   7 Comments 

thank you craft_uas!

If you’ve come across this site because you’re interested in The School of Life Design, hooray! It’s time to talk.

The first eight lessons in the school are integral to learning how to create your own belief system and start living the life of your dreams. But what comes next? What happens after you learn about life design, start lifestreaming, practicing feeling good, loving yourself, and letting go of negative thought? Is that all there is to learn?

Hell no! How boring would that be? That’s why I am introducing the first lesson of Advanced Life Design (ALD) right here, right now! Lessons in ALD are for everyone, but they assume you’ve got your basics covered:

  • you love yourself
  • you practice directing your thoughts by focusing on what you want (often using a website)
  • you spend most of your time feeling good.

If you’re just tuning in…

Welcome to the leading edge of consciousness expansion on the Internet! Here’s what’s been up with the past year: I discovered the law of attraction and power of feeling good last spring, right after running a marathon and receiving my MFA in Design at the University of Texas. I immediately began practicing positive thinking and carried the practice onto my lifestream. The two combined into a beautiful love child, The School of Life Design.

The School
The School of Life Design teaches that life is supposed to be fun, and that keeping a lifestream website is a way to focus your brilliant creative energy on enjoying life. Having a website about your life is essentially an exercise in having fun.

Now what? There must be more to life than just enjoying it. Life is a lot deeper, right?

The worksheets
Well before we can go any deeper, we better practice feeling good. A lot. Every single day. Every moment we can. I have some worksheets (and work books!) to help us practice feeling good and loving ourselves, because for the advanced course we’re going to want the beefiest feeling-good muscles on the block!

The book
While we practice, let’s manifest ourselves some money to fund our adventures into uncharted waters. Get a Website, Get Happy, Get Paid teaches you how to set up the infrastructure of your business of being.

The forum
Next you can join the rainbow brite club! Haha jk, but it is where all the coolest life designers hang out. The School of Life Design Forum is to help with specific questions about your unique situation – whether it has to do with your website or the meaning of life in general.

A membership to the forum buys you the best lifestreaming advice on the web along with a place to ask questions, receive site critiques, and teach and learn from other life designers. It’s like going to school for a web design and positive psychology degree at your own pace.

If life genuinely is just a (really long) trip, consider the forum to be your trip guide minus the drugs. What did you come here to accomplish? Come play in the forum with other people asking the same questions!

So what comes next? How do we find more meaning in life after learning the essentials? Here’s my view.

Advanced Life Design: a bigger picture

working reality model
This is what you’ve been training for. This is the next level. Welcome.

This lesson is a primer of concepts in Advanced Life Design. ALD is about accessing your power as a physical and vibrational creator, evolving your consciousness, accepting your inherent worthiness, and releasing all fear. If you’re able to read this, HIGH FIVE for being a vibrational match to this information!

Now you understand that when something bad happens, it’s actually good – it indicates change, the universe aligning to bring you what you actually want. You see setbacks as fun challenges, gorgeous puzzles gifted from the universe for you to watch unfold.

No matter what happens it’s the perfect solution. Well being flows and is everything. Only your own choices of thoughts and perception would ever lead you astray. And then you realize there really isn’t ever any “astray”. Everything is good and it’s only a matter of time before the good is revealed. The more you believe that, the more good you can perceive in each moment.

Here’s what’s actually up with reality: it moves in a flow. And when you’re synced up with it, you have the most creative power you could ever imagine. Anything you want will materialize in front of your eyes, once you learn how to use your power.

You have to practice to get any good at using your power. There are different ways to “tune in tap in turn on”, which is what you need to practice doing to access this colorful world of magick and fun.

Two paths to embracing your power as a physical and vibrational creator

#1: Practice controlling your thoughts and emotions:

  • Practice feeling good any way you can, all day every day. Feeling good is how you experience differentiation from the whole. Be you. The preferences you have developed through life experience are what tell you what feels good. Follow your unique preferences and you will always feel good. For example, if you prefer to create by writing, do that. Whatever feels like what you want is the direction you should go in. That’s how we all feel we have value – in our uniqueness. That is the beauty of physical reality – our individual perspectives are all so unique.
  • Practice letting go. All you really need to move onto Advanced Life Design is to trust that the universe will take care of you. Believe in the big picture. Anything you want, all you have to do is have a strong desire and then stop thinking about the desire so you can stop projecting a vibration of lack. When you let go of your strong desires (by creating new ones!), the universe will bring them to your doorstep.

#2: Practice losing your ego and increasing your awareness of your oneness with the universe:

  • with exercise. Lots of it, every day, for multiple hours a day. Training your physical body to do what it knows how to do without negative thought interference from you teaches you that you are not your body. Vigorous, regular exercise eliminates ego-the sense that you are separate from that which you came.
  • by playing or flowing any way you can, as much as you can. Practicing being in a flow state creates more awareness of the whole. You are not separate from anything in your reality. And when you know you’re not separate from anything, you can follow the divine pulse of life – which is how you flow in sports or dance or other movement activities. Group fitness classes, team sports, and choreographed movements performed with other people are a great way to get in the spirit.
  • by tripping and meditating. Entheogens remove your mental obstructions (ingrained thought patterns) to your power and visually show you the flow of reality. They teach that you are not your body by producing a feeling of disassociation from ego. Meditation induces a similar state. In an interview with the author of Psychedelic Information Theory, James Kent describes the increasing perceived value of psychedelics:

    Look at the modern popularization of yoga and meditation as an example. A hundred years ago these practices were considered esoteric and the realm of monks and orientalists, but now they are commonplace fitness routines for suburban housewives. I would wager that fringe practices of psychedelic drug use and neurofeedback stimulators will be as commonplace a hundred years from now as yoga and meditation are today.

Playing Astrojax is my favorite way to practice awareness of the whole on a daily basis. You might like poi, hooping, or other flow toys. What exactly is flow you ask? Flow is a state of moving effortlessly, of trusting your body to know what to do, of letting creativity pour out of you naturally without any negative thoughts or barriers to joy. It’s the feeling of your skills perfectly matching the challenge. Flow is what any athlete, musician, artist, performer or other type of creative genius feels. It’s the feeling of trusting your inspiration to guide you towards the next logical step.

Playing Astrojax at the YMCA to “Bass Head” by Bassnectar 3.7.11
Astrojax show you what the flow of life looks like, almost like tripping does. They illustrate your thoughts creating reality. They show your body the movement of the flow of the universe. They talk to you. They are a physical bridge between physical reality and dimensions beyond. If you’re impatient to see the connection being illustrated, skip to about 00:53 in the video above.

That’s what flow looks like. That’s what entheogens give you visual access to. That’s what stopping negative thought is all about. It’s letting life live you. Allowing the universe to bring you everything you want, because you trust it will.

When you practice feeling good every day, it’s like training your muscles to improve your ability at a sport. From my experience, the more time you spend embracing your power, the closer you get to playing in a real game. You can train without ever getting in the game, but imagine how fun it must be to play!

In life design, you practice feeling good to improve your abilities at the game. A positive vibration of feeling good is a muscle, just like your bicep. When you practice using your feeling good muscles, you get better at it. You get stronger, more powerful results.

So what are you training for, anyway? What’s the game we’re playing?

Consciousness evolution

As life designers, we are helping our mass consciousness upgrade to higher levels of functioning. We are unique cogs in the wheel of this big picture, but we are also in complete creative control. We’re going through the exact motions we need to be for everything to unfold perfectly. We are bridges, just like Astrojax is a bridge. We take what we learn from various states of consciousness and tell people what we learn there. We are consciousness pioneers. Everything that has ever happened, ever, has lead up to this moment. We are literally the very edge of universal expansion.

As consciousness pioneers, we understand that there is more to life than physical reality, because we’ve been there individually. We can go there together too, as a society. Then physical reality would be much different. But we can’t level up as a whole until everyone learns the power of their thoughts. We can’t reach a new plane in consciousness unless we all evolve. We evolve by learning our power, practicing it, and becoming one with love. We evolve by finding the natural flow of life and moving with it. We evolve by having open minds and hearts.

What is so cool is that the more and more people upgrade their consciousness, the easier it is for everyone else to catch on. And this whole Internet thing is what’s making it spread like wildfire. The Internet gave us planetary consciousness. It gave us literal awareness of our whole, just like the Mass Games or a group fitness class does. The Internet passes the meme much more quickly than the printing press or oral tradition ever could.

I went to grad school and studied things like the technological singularity and the benefits of lifestreaming. That singularity thing? It’s coming up, like, today. Take a look at this calendar of events approaching, and tell me it doesn’t make your heart jump with the smallest bit of excitement.

You have always been worthy

thank you Beverly & Pack

Do you deserve vast abundance in your life? Are you worthy of receiving the wealth and security you crave? Are you ready for everything you want to shower down upon you?

Whether you think you’re worthy or not, the answers are still the same. Every single one of us is worthy of the universe’s blessings. If we are all one consciousness, of course every part of the one would have value – the same value as the whole. All of the universe. Every single one of us is worth as much as everything in the entire universe.

Abraham-Hicks explains in their new Getting into the Vortex Meditation book that once you release more and more of your resistance to feeling good,

You will stand in complete acceptance of your value, offering no resistance whatsoever to the evidence of your value. You will feel no discomfort as the blessings of abundance and Well-Being shower down around you, indicating your alignment with the worthy Being that you are. – p53

Accept that you are worthy. You are perfect and unique and you deserve the abundance the universe has to offer. You are simply an individual sensing node on a bigger whole. We are all one. And if we are all one, our value is all exactly the same – the value of the whole. You are worthy of the universe. You are worthy of anything you can dream up. You are worthy of all the time, health, love and money in the universe. Because you are the universe.

You never have to feel guilty about wanting things ever again. Know that your desires are what keep you alive. This is the last thing you will ever need to read telling you to love yourself. There, you’re enlightened.

You are now fearless

There is nothing to fear. In the next few months, things are going to get really crazy in this reality. Did you look at that forum thread yet? I just want to let y’all know that there is nothing to be afraid of, and that whatever beautiful things start unfolding in your life, just remember that you created them and you are in control. You have the power.

There is nothing to be afraid of. When you find yourself leading an incredible life because you are working with the law of attraction, not against it, remember that you wanted to go down this rabbit hole. You truly are a powerful creator and learning to master your emotions is only a step in consciousness evolution.

Once you can comprehend the idea that your thoughts create, and start living by that law, then what? That’s the evolution, what happens next. I can’t predict the future but I can promise you it is unfolding perfectly. Love is all there is.

Even if it doesn’t all make sense yet, but you know that feeling good feels good, trust that you’ll figure it out eventually. Just keep asking questions. Keep looking for the answers. They’re all right in front of you. Keep feeling better and better and you’ll gradually find more and more of them.

Lesson 8: Designing Bodies

 2010 December 16
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iPhone wallpaper

Your body is a product of your thoughts. Every physical feature or hinderance exists because you believe it does. You can’t change your body if you focus on its current physical state–that will just perpetuate what has already manifested. To get what you want, you have to focus on what you want. Lifestreaming helps you do that by providing an outlet for your focus.


When you change your thoughts, you change your vibrations. Those vibrations are what make up your reality around you. A thought creates waves in the air just like a pebble dropped in water. A pebble can’t make a wave any different than the one it makes. A thought can’t generate manifestations vibrationally different from the original thought. If you change your thoughts about your body (like choosing new pebbles), your body will change.

Past lessons discussed loving yourself and your work because focusing on love changes your thoughts. Focusing on love is like choosing different pebbles to throw in the water. When your thoughts are about loving yourself, what is reflected back at you are more ways to love yourself. When you focus on loving your work, your work becomes something you love.

We are transmitters AND receivers of vibration. When we think, we create a vibration. That vibration goes out into the universe and is reflected back to us, bringing us manifestations that make us feel exactly the same way we felt when we thought the thought.

It’s easy to change our thoughts with focus. If you want to think different thoughts, just start thinking them. Start writing them down on your website and share your positive vibes. If you get caught up in thoughts that make you feel bad, make a decision to think something else. Pick one thought that feels better and repeat it over and over to yourself, until you start attracting better-feeling thoughts.

When you change your thoughts about your physical body, your physical body changes. This is the last lesson, because we live in our bodies and can’t help notice what is currently there. Our observation gets in the way. With our work, we can always start a project from scratch with the best of thoughts. But we can’t start from scratch with our bodies. We just have to believe that our thoughts have power, and expect our bodies to respond accordingly.

Step 1: Make peace with where you are.

Whatever your current physical body looks like, learn to love it. Immediately. If you can’t accept that you’re already perfect, you’ll never believe in the power you already have. Accept that you have been force fed ideas of the perfect body by the media. Those thoughts aren’t yours. You weren’t born thinking that a size 2 was the perfect jeans size. Someone else told you that. Why not create your own standard of perfect: you. EVERYTHING about you is already perfect!

So you’re already perfect, does that mean that you’ve given up and resigned yourself to your current body? NO! Of COURSE you have preferences about what might be better. Of course you have an image of what you would LOVE to look like. As soon as we get anything we want, we’re always thinking of ways that it could be better. Get a brand new car? Boy, I wish it had more cupholders in the back. Got a brand new house? Well, wouldn’t it be nice if it had central vacuuming? We are NEVER satisfied and will ALWAYS be coming up with ways to make our experiences better, and our physical bodies are no different. That’s why weightloss can be a neverending quest – once you get to your goal, now what? You can always think of something that would be better. That’s the point of life – to always want more, so we keep expanding the universe.

First ask yourself: do you want to look a certain way because it will make you feel good, or do you want to look like that because you think someone else will respect you or like you more? As long as your image of your perfect physical body is what YOU want, then obtaining that image can be easy. But really think about it. If you want to change your physical body for someone else, you will never be happy with the results. There will always be someone else to change for. But if you want to change your physical body to make YOU feel good, then dive right in!

Step 2: Visualize.

Sometimes it’s difficult to manifest our desired physical bodies because we don’t spend enough time visualizing them. What exactly does your perfect physical body look like? Write it down or draw it out. When you visualize your completed goal in detail, your brain starts making connections to help you get there. It’s like seeing the answer to a math problem and working backwards to see how to get it.

Visualization is a powerful tool when you are experiencing physical pain. While running recently, I had a pain in my foot. It got pretty bad, and I started worrying about how the pain might affect my running schedule. Would I be able to do all the training miles? Would I have to sit out a week? Ugh!

Then I realized: I had been thinking about the pain CONSTANTLY. Poking at it. Is it getting worse? Is it serious? Will I need a doctor? Then I snapped out of it – I realized my thoughts were perpetuating the pain.

Simply ignoring the pain to try to stop thinking about it doesn’t always work. I needed positive thoughts to replace the negative ones I’d been thinking about my foot.

Kelly mentioned on a walk through south Austin, “whenever I feel pain in my legs, I remember that it’s just my cells asking for well being. And I think, ‘I’m allowing well being.'” Those words changed my life.

On our next run, I started thinking to myself, “I’m allowing well being into my foot. I’m allowing well being into my foot.” That started feeling a little better. But then I started visualizing a powerful stream of well being flowing into my body with every breath. I pictured the stream going straight to my foot, getting rid of any resistance that was causing pain. I visualized this for the duration of our run, and by the end of it, my foot started feeling better. Then I stretched it in a way I hadn’t stretched it before, and it was like it was magickally healed!

Since I started thinking about my foot being well, my brain started making the connections needed to manifest that in physical reality. I was inspired to do the appropriate stretch that ended all of my pain.

You can apply this concept to anything in your physical experience. Do you feel fat? Start feeling thin, and your brain will do everything it can to give you the inspired actions to make your feelings a reality. It’s that simple. Your mind (and thus body) is your bitch!

Step 3: Practice.

“But how do I feel thin?” you might ask. That is where practicing comes in. Like improving at anything, you need to practice to get good.

One way to get started practicing is to set aside time each day to think about your body in a new way. Write a blog post, a diary entry, or draw a picture. Sit still and meditate on it for a few minutes. And ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is it going to feel like when you are over your issue? Imagine the relief you will feel when you no longer have to worry about whatever it is that bothers you about your physical body.
  • What emotions will you feel? You might not have felt them before.
  • What will your thought patterns be like? They certainly won’t be similar to the negative ones you currently think.

When you have figured out what it will feel like to reach the physical body of your dreams, return to those feelings as often as possible. That’s all the practicing you need to do. As you begin feeling those feelings, for real, your physical body will begin to match those feelings.

Step 4: Feel good.

When you feel good, you make good decisions about food and exercise. They come naturally. You wouldn’t want to jeopardize your mood with poor choices. You care about your mood more than anything else.

Making a choice to feel good all day every day is really the best thing you can do, whatever your goals are. It doesn’t matter what you feel good about.

For example, training for a marathon is a great way to spend A LOT of time feeling good. When you focus your physical body into doing something that prevents resistant thought, you allow well being to flow through you. And doing an activity that feels physically rewarding gives you hours of feeling good about yourself. It’s a sustainable high–with exercise, you don’t crash or come down, like with drugs and alcohol.

Lesson 8 Kelly

Step 5: Focus on your best features.

Think about what you like about your body. Make a list. What are your best features?

Recently, I sat down to write a momentum gathering post. I had just eaten something that I allowed to make me feel kind of sick. As I wrote my post, I realized I could choose to feel differently about what I had eaten. I didn’t have to feel guilt, or regret. I chose to remember that I am in control of my thoughts. My thoughts may have been something like, “I feel sick, why did I eat that, why did I eat too much, why do I do this to myself.” But I chose to take the time to focus my thoughts towards what I wanted.

I spent some time the previous day drawing in my sketchbook. I was illustrating “I adore my perfect physical body.” The things I drew first were eyes, then lips. I reminded myself as I was writing the post that I already had the perfect body, because I have the most important parts down: eyes and lips. It’s not even that mine are that physically perfect – it’s what I do with them. Eye contact and smiling. To me, those things matter more than any other bodily feature.

When you find yourself appreciating your physical body, really milk it. When you exercise, congratulate yourself. Bask in your strength. Remember that your thoughts are in charge of your physical manifestation, and you’ve been really seeing results. Believe that your body is changing. Get excited about it.

Step 6: Make it fun.

Achieving your physical body goal should be enjoyable like a video game. The journey is the destination – don’t do it for the result. Enjoy the process.

Relish learning new recipes. Bask in your afternoon walk. Reward yourself. Life is supposed to be fun, and getting what you want really can be easy if you can make peace with where you are. You’re already perfect, so start acting like it!

Step 7: LET GO.

Don’t care so much. Relax. Breathe. Put things in perspective. Who really notices 10 pounds or a couple zits anyway? Anyone who ever says anything is only an indicator of your vibration on the topic.

Don’t measure your results. Don’t get on the scale. Give the universe time to bring your manifestation. You should be feeling so good you don’t need the manifestation.

If you must do something, do something to change your expectation. The reason why pills, diets or exercise can change someone’s body shape is because they expect them to. When you think something is going to work, it will. If you doubt it, it won’t. My dad always used to tell me “confidence conquers, doubt defeats!”

If you know that changing your expectation involves something you don’t want to do (like exercise), then just want to want it. It’s a really neat trick you can play on your mind. If you believe that you won’t feel better until you start exercising, but you really don’t want to start, then just place the intention, “I want to want to exercise.” Allow yourself to ponder wanting it. “Wouldn’t it be nice if I wanted to work out?” Before you know it, the desire will be there.

Activity: Name your higher self

I’ve been trying to figure out how to end this course in life design. What comes next? What’s the next logical step? The answer that came to me is for you to start listening to your higher self, not me ;) Everyone has a higher self. You can think of your higher self as an entity separate from you, or like God, or like your conscience. When you allow yourself to believe in your higher self, it gets really easy to communicate with her/him/it.

Your higher self guides you with emotion. Think a thought, then really feel what it feels like to think it. If it feels good, your thoughts are in alignment with your higher self. If it feels bad, you’re pinching yourself off from your natural flow of well being.

I like to think of my higher self as my mentor. Her name is Clair. She’s the perfect version of myself – she is everything I’ve ever wanted to be. And when I listen to her, by using my emotions as guidance, I become more and more like her every day.

I feel like I’m able to genuinely talk with her when I’m feeling really good, or meditating. The day I discovered that, I felt an enormous sense of relief. Finally! A mentor! Someone who knows what’s going on and who will help me!

And the best part is that she is within me. I don’t need to rely on the temporary attention of another person. I can always feel whole and connected.

So to conclude this course in life design, I want you to name your higher self. Claim that part of yourself. Become your own mentor. Follow the advice of the only being who knows what is best for you: you. Start a dialogue. Do it on your website, if you’re comfortable. You won’t believe the wisdom of the words that will flow from you. Just let go of any resistance to the idea, and allow well being, knowledge, and love to flow through you.

To go deeper into this lesson, don’t forget to listen to the 36 minute discussion MP3. This time, Kelly and I talk about using the tools mentioned above. Kelly provides some excellent perspectives on her own methods, and it’s our best audio discussion yet. The main thing to remember is that all of the above suggestions are just ways for you to start feeling GOOD. You don’t have to do the steps in order, you don’t HAVE to visualize your perfect body in order to attain it. You just have to consistently feel good! If you haven’t listened to any of the other audio discussions yet, this is a great one to start with because we go SO much deeper into the ideas presented in this post.

What’s next?

Creating these lessons has been a delicious treat for Kelly and me. We lived each lesson as it was created, and loved every new morsel of inspiration. We’re continuing the School of Life Design with our upcoming book, Make Your Life Your Living. I’ll be posting the book as we work on it, as articles on this site, so we can get feedback and share as we go along. Also be on the lookout for, where we’ll be launching the new book.

When we learned about the law of attraction, our current belief systems were turned upside down. Creating the School of Life Design was a way for us to redesign our lives from scratch, in alignment with our new way of thinking. As life designers, we can’t get it wrong and we’ll never get it done, so expect plenty more on the subject in days, weeks and months to come.

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