Daily Guide to Life Design #11: Just Stop Thinking

 2013 December 21
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The answer to every problem, every bad mood, every injury, every heartbreak is this: stop thinking.

Your thoughts are the only thing that's preventing resolution of the circumstance. Your thoughts are the only thing bringing you down. Release your resistant thoughts, and you return to your natural state of well being.

Stop thinking resistant thoughts (e.g., worrying, blaming, criticizing) and the universe can bring you what you want. Your thoughts are the ONLY thing standing in the way! Your thoughts, which become beliefs, which become expectations, which become reality, are the only roadblocks in living the life you want.

Without the chatter of the mind, you have access to infinite intelligence. It's like you're trying to listen to garbled directions from an out-of-date GPS but if you just turn the thing off you realize you already know the neighborhood inside and out. Use that GPS as a pedometer or something.

Daily Guide to Life Design #7: Good Mornings

 2013 December 12
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good morning

It's a lot easier to have a great day if you choose to make your morning great. What you do immediately upon waking sets the tone for the rest of the day.

It's easy to fall into bad habits like checking email and social media before you even get out of bed. But that lets the outside world dictate your mood, which sucks!

Take the time to set your mood first thing in the morning. You wouldn't leave the house without brushing your teeth, so why not clean up your vibration before encountering outside reality? The world can only reflect what you're projecting.

My current plan (which I've been practicing for precisely one day) is this:

As soon as I get out of bed, I start writing my daily 1000 words. I use the prompts "I'm so grateful," "Wouldn't it be nice...?" "I love it when," and "Dear Jessica...," a letter from my higher self.

Choosing thoughts of gratitude first thing in the morning boosts my mood and gets me excited about life!

Next, I do my daily ritual. Then I list 60 things I love about my life while doing a little hoop dance.

Spending the first hour of my day peacefully selecting the thoughts I want to think changes the trajectory of my whole day. I'm so excited to be establishing new patterns!

What Would You Think If Everyone Could Read Your Thoughts?

 2013 August 2
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What would you think if everyone could read your thoughts?

Whether people can read your thoughts or not, they are a reading of your thoughts. The people in your life reflect what you think about them. It's your choice.