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5 Reasons to Embrace Alternative Sleep Schedules


When Kelly and I aren't in school or working for someone else, we tend to become nocturnal. I've always hated this about myself. It throws off my balance. I don't know when to eat, I feel like I'm always dreaming, and I start desperately craving "normal life".

But with the help of Miss Mia Moore, I've grown to appreciate this side of myself. Really, the main reason I've hated being nocturnal is because I cared what other people thought. They must think I'm lazy! A drug addict! A loser! Who would be nocturnal by choice?

Mia changed my attitude because she helped me see it was only my judgement of myself making me dislike my lifestyle. There's nothing wrong with being nocturnal! Who cares?! Mia also mentioned that she wanted to do a week long experiment in being nocturnal, which blew my mind. Trying to be nocturnal? My word!

Last night, she asked Kelly and I what the experience was like. And I realized I just haven't been looking for the positive aspects of nighttime life. Every day I wake up and the sun is going down, I resist being nocturnal like a madwoman. And as you may know, what you resist, persists!

Mia helped me reorient my thinking. Instead of rejecting what comes naturally to me, I'm embracing it. So here are the positive aspects of being nocturnal. It's a weird life, but as my dad says, "Jessica, you are one weird duck."

1. Peace
The night is the best time to get things done. No one is calling, most businesses aren't open so I can't run errands, and there is no construction or leaf blowing. When we go outside, we have the city to ourselves. We can bike in the streets. Walk through the neighborhood with a beer. Have the pool to ourselves.

2. It's over 20 degrees cooler.
Have I mentioned we live in Texas and don't have a car? Going to the grocery store in the heat of the day is a sunburnt journey of nauseating proportions.

3. We are forced to make our own rules.
When is lunchtime? When do we go to bed? Instead of letting social norms tell us what to do, we have to design our schedule. We go with the flow and follow the cues of our bodies, and over time we develop our very own pattern.

4. It teaches you how to feel good no matter what time of day it is.
It can be a lot of work maintaining a good mood without sunlight. But it's like training for a marathon wearing a lot of heavy weights. Then when you run the race without weights, you feel like you're flying. After learning how to feel good with a nocturnal schedule, being awake during the day feels like a decadent vacation!

5. It's like tripping without drugs.
Want to blur the lines of reality without consuming questionable substances? A nocturnal life is the way to go! Prime magick-making time is from 3-4am, when the veil between worlds is the thinnest. It's effortless to get in touch with your spiritual side, if you dare!

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Using the Kaleidoscope to Understand Time Travel

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The kaleidoscope is a metaphor for reality. The mind is the center point on the 'scope, and the mind chooses what passes through that center. Whatever passes through the center is then reflected through the entire available view, just as whatever thought passes through your mind is reflected through your entire reality.

The mind will never see the big picture, because it has a very limited perspective of a single point. Whatever shape it chooses, it chooses based on a linear perspective of time. It wants so bad to create the big picture pattern, but it can never see the pattern. So it chooses shapes to the best of it's ability with limited perspective.

Consciousness sees the bigger picture, the entire kaleidoscope view. When you zoom out to become consciousness, instead of just your mind, you get a sense of the overall pattern of things, how they're all connected. But if you stay mind-identified, you will try and try and try to pick the right shape to make the big-picture pattern you want, but with a time-based linear perspective, you will never be able to see the patterns you're creating.

The mind wants to choose the right shape to make the big picture pattern, but mostly it just wants to keep passing through shapes. The trick is to zoom out and see the big picture and know that the mind cannot logically select the proper shape to create the big-picture pattern. Only broader consciousness can do that.

The mind may try to force the shapes it thinks will create the pattern. It will select the same shape over and over, trying to make it work, but forcing a logically selected shape (i.e., experience) will only cloud and dim the big picture. We must surrender the task of choosing experiences to the broader perspective of consciousness. We must surrender our need to logically decide what's best for us and let the flow provide us with the shapes or experiences we need to create the big picture pattern we want.

When a shape passes through the center of the kaleidoscope, it happens Now. But shapes that have previously passed through the center are still being reflected through the big picture view. What shape passes through the center Now affects the shapes that have already passed through the center. This is a way to understand how what thoughts or experiences the mind chooses right now affect the past and future. The current shape moves the other shapes not currently passing through the center. Our present thoughts affect our past and future.

Using your mind to decide what to do will always produce weak results because the mind cannot see the big picture. The mind is the single point of perspective that allows us to experience reality in the way we do, but it is just a single point. Our lives are the big picture kaleidoscope view, which we are capable of seeing when we step outside of our minds to the perspective of broader consciousness.

My point is this: allow the flow to determine what shapes pass through your mind. Whatever desires, experiences, or thoughts come to you, say yes to them. The flow is giving them to you because the flow sees the bigger picture pattern, and knows exactly what shape to give you next to create the pattern you want to live. Don't let your mind trick you into believing it knows what's best for you. Your rules, limiting beliefs and resolutions are only resisting the gifts the flow provides. Say yes to whatever passes through the center of your kaleidoscope and watch the exact pattern you desire unfold, more perfect and beautiful than you ever imagined.

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Running Late? Don’t Look at the Clock!

Car interior photo
Thanks Mylla!

Picture this: you're driving in your car to work or school, and you know you left five minutes later than you should have. There's traffic, you hit all the red lights, and pretty soon you're stressed and frantically eyeing the clock, willing it to go slower but it only speeds up.

Now is the time to stop looking at the time! Every glance at the clock adds more to your stress, more negative thoughts, and more bad driving. Once you realize you may be late, let it go. Stop looking at the clock. Whether you look at the time or not shouldn't make much difference as to when you arrive, so just let it go. Relax. Enjoy your drive.

When you release the stressful feeling, the negative thoughts, the worry and the jerky driving, you allow the flow of life to guide your journey. You could miraculously be on time anyway. You could get there before the person you're meeting. You might find a shortcut, or traffic could part and you could ride off into the sunset. Anything can happen, but until you stop thinking about being late, the only thing you can be is late! Be it, see it.