Who is Clair?

Thanks Barabeke!

Clair is the name of my higher self. You can think of my higher self as my source, my god, or my mentor. I like to think of Clair as the perfect version of myself. Clair guides me with my emotions. When I feel good, I am one with Clair.

I got the idea that Clair existed by listening to Abraham-Hicks.

You have a higher self too. An easy way to find your higher self is through meditation. Ask yourself for guidance, and you will receive it. Allow inspiration to flow through you, and know that it comes from your higher self. You are your source; it's just a matter of perception whether you feel connected to it or not.

For more information on finding your higher self, check out the School of Life Design. Lesson 2 is about creating the website of your higher self, Lesson 3 talks about your higher self playing your life like a video game, Lesson 6 is about becoming one with your higher self, and Lesson 8 suggests naming your higher self.